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Bitburg Germany | Bitburg | European Masters | 12. - 14. May 2017
European Masters
12. - 14. May 2017
Event 2017FRAPuget-sur-Argens [France] Mediterranean Cup 24. - 26. March 2017:
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Fields Layout:

Puget-sur-Argens 2017 Breakout Field Layout Puget-sur-Argens 2017 Pit Field Layout
Puget-sur-Argens 2017 Snake Field Layout Puget-sur-Argens 2017 2D Field Layout
» Map to the location «

Site Address:

Paintball Family - Millennium Series
Route de la Bouverie
83480 Puget-sur-Argens

Mediterranean Cup 2017 Puget-sur-Argens

We welcome you to our Trade show in Puget-sur-Argens!

Tradeshow Puget 2017

We are going to have the very special area for kids only - KIDS PLAYGROUND - on every our event. You are welcome there with kids to play NERF, WATER GUN… and to have FUN... The access is for free!

Kids playground in Puget


Puget-Sur-Argens [France] Mediterranean Cup Schedule Champions Paintball League 2017:

Schedule Champions Paintball League Puget 2017

[ms_schedule2017_puget_cpl_detail.pdf] * Friday matches delayed, see below:

3 day schedule CPL (Pro), SP, D1, D2, D3, D4, EPBF Veterans World Cup (complete version): [ms_schedule2017_puget.pdf]
2 day schedule D3 & D4 (merged, complete version): [ms_schedule2017_puget_d34.pdf]

Latest updates:

  • CPL Quarters draw for Sunday updated
  • Friday matches are delayed. This is the new plan: [ms_schedule2017_puget.pdf]
  • matches times Sunday adjusted as fields will start 8:30 the Sunday morning, with site opening 7:30 because of the DST starting.

Mediterranean Cup Accommodation:

The Paintball Family site in Puget-sur-Argens is the best location in Europe for paintball tournament like ours. It has 4 fields with turf, everything is located in a very compact environment, fields and trade show is easy to reach for players and spectators. The site has been modified a lot since 2015, you`ll see!

Parc Saint-James, Oasis Village

The accommodation offered by Oasis Village (chalets, villas and bungalows) is very close to the fields, just 5 min walking distance. For this year everything has been renovated, so you are welcome to the new Oasis Village!

Parc Saint-James Oasis Village Booking Form

Hotels St Raphael  (3 Hotels)
Promo code: MILL17
Booking forms:
Hotels St Raphael Booking Forms

Hotel Continental*** (Sea-front hotel, 13 km from site)
Promenade René Coty
83700 St Raphael
Prices, Breakfast included:
Single room: 95 €/night
Double/Twin room: 108 €/night
Triple room: 130€/night
Promo code: MILL17
Phone: +33494838787
Fax: +33494192024
Web: www.hotels-continental.com
Email: info@hotels-continental.com

Hôtel Provencal*** (near to the old port)
195 rue de la Garonne
F-83700 Saint Raphael
Prices, Breakfast included:
73€/night Single room
82€/night Double or Twin room
Promo code: MILL17
Phone: +33498118000
Fax: +33498118013
Web: www.hotel-provencal.com
Email: reception@hotel-provencal.com

Hôtel Le 21** (down town, near the train station)
21 place Galliéni
F-83700 Saint Raphael
Prices, Breakfast included:
65€/night Single room
69€/night Double or Twin room
Promo code: MILL17
Phone: +33494192121
Fax: +33494191037
Web: www.le21-hotel.com
Email: info@le21-hotel.com

B&B Hotel** Roguebrune sur argens (1km)
Rue de la Tuilerie - Parc des Garillans
Chemin de barbossi
83520 Roquebrune-sur-Argens
Single/double room: 40 €/night
Triple room: 55 €/night
Quadruple room: 62€/night
Web: www.hotel-bb.com/en/

B&B Hotel** Puget sur Argens (8 km)
Z.I. La Palud - Nationale 7
Adresse GPS : Rue André Citroën
83600, Fréjus
Single/double room: 42-47 €/night
Quadruple room: 62€/night
Web: www.hotel-bb.com/en/


We also have great news for you from Mediterranean Cup site: OASIS Village is offering this year a comprehensive taxi and minibus service for all teams and visitors. No need for car hire: you can book a direct pick up from airports along with local services to all areas.

Oasis Shuttle Service


Nice Cote D'Azur, 30 minute drive http://www.nice.aeroport.fr/
Toulon - 50 minute drive http://www.toulon-hyeres.aeroport.fr/en
Marseille - 80 minute drive http://www.marseille-airport.com/

Over 100 direct destinations available from Nice Cote D'Azur Airport, including:

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bordeaux, Bristol, Brussels, Bucharest, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, Istanbul, Lille, Lisbon, Liverpool, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Metz-Nancy, Moscow, Munich, Nantes, Naples, New York, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rennes, Rome, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Venice, Vienna, Zurich...

Sunrise-Sunset [Airport LFMN]:

Thursday: 6:29 - 18:46
Friday: 6:28 - 18:47
Saturday: 6:26 -18:49
Sunday: 7:24 - 19:50 Start of Daylight Saving Time!

Page content above last updated: 2017-03-26 15:54:01 CET


Team training slots (55 minute sessions) are available for all confirmed teams to book on the Thursday of each event. Cost is 400 € per session, if you share this session with another team, it's 200 € each team. Payment to be made at the event, at Orga, in advance of the session.

**It is the responsibility of the team booking the slot to pay.  If sharing with another team, but booked in your name, it is your responsibility to collect the money from this team and pay to Orga.**

Due to the limited hours, these slots are only to be used for teams to train against one another. They can not be used by companies to market or promote their products.

CPL Field - Restricted to CPL teams
SP Field - Restricted to SP teams or higher
Division 1 Field - Restricted to Division 1 teams or higher
Division 2 Field  - Open to any teams.

Training session bookings are available to:

• All CPL, SP and Division 1 teams that are up to date with their locked division payments
• D2, D3, D4 teams that are fully confirmed for the event

How To Book:

Log in to your team managers account http://epbf.paintball.biz/area-visitor/login.php?league=millennium-series and select “Training” from the left side menu.

Full payment is to be made, in advance of your session, at the Organisation tent on the Thursday.

Training sessions are 55 minutes long, to allow for cleaning of the fields between sessions.

You can contact the team training management via email: viktoriya.sarantseva@millennium-series.com  

N.B - We remind all teams, that all paint used on the Millennium Series tournament grounds must be bought on site from the official MS paint sponsors. This is valid also for training sessions on Thursday.

CPL Field
# Time Slot 1&2 Slot 1 Slot 2
1 10:00 Breakout Spa Breakout Spa
2 11:00 Drammen Solid PPArena Pilsen
3 12:00 Edmonton Impact Edmonton Impact
4 13:00 MLKings Prague MLKings Prague
5 14:00 Manchester Firm Manchester Firm
6 15:00 FiveStar Lleida FiveStar Lleida
7 16:00 Vienna United Vienna United
8 17:00 Offenburg Comin At Ya Offenburg Comin At Ya
9 18:00 Russian Legion Moscow Russian Legion Moscow

SP Field
# Time Slot 1&2 Slot 1 Slot 2
1 10:15
2 11:15
3 12:15 Ghost Paris Vision PPC Grenoble
4 13:15 FiveStar Lleida 2 FiveStar Lleida 2
5 14:15 RMG Bratislava RMG Bratislava
6 15:15 Stockholm Ignition Stockholm Ignition
7 16:15 Offenburg Comin At Ya 2 Offenburg Comin At Ya 2
8 17:15 Assala Libreville Assala Libreville
9 18:15 Assala Libreville Assala Libreville

Division 1 Field
# Time Slot 1&2 Slot 1 Slot 2
1 10:30 FiveStar Lleida 3 FiveStar Lleida 3
2 11:30 Pyatigorsk Russian Roulette STK Perth
3 12:30 Ramstein Instinct 2 Ramstein Instinct 2
4 13:30 Razorback Saint Etienne Outlaw Lille
5 14:30 Droogs Frankfurt Droogs Frankfurt 3
6 15:30 Gladiatori Roma Gladiatori Roma
7 16:30 FiveStar Lleida 3 FiveStar Lleida 3
8 17:30 --Fieldwalking-- --Fieldwalking--

Division 2 Field
# Time Slot 1&2 Slot 1 Slot 2
1 10:45
2 11:45
3 12:45
4 13:45
5 14:45 Ugly Ducklings Odense Ugly Ducklings Odense
6 15:45 Polish National team Swedish National team
7 16:45 Desperados Moscow Sheriff Kostanay
8 17:45 --Fieldwalking-- --Fieldwalking--

Attention: During training session on Thursday all regular safety rules fully apply. On the field goggles must be worn all the time by everybody, off the field barrel socks must be on all the time. Teams whose members are not following these basic safety requirements at all times will be excluded from training immediately.


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