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Mediterranean Cup
24. - 26. March 2017
The Millennium Paintball Series News
31 of October, 2012

Paris Disney Champions Paintball League Winners: Art Chaos Moscow

Art Chaos Moscow

"Frankly speaking, Art Chaos didn't come to Paris with the hope to win - we just came to win. Over the last months we have relentlessly perfected our physical, tactical and psychological training. Therefore, the team's performance at the Paris-Disney contest came as no surprise. The only surprise during this weekend was the weather. A bad surprise which we managed to turn into our advantage. We were so upset about the weather that this generated a supplementary winning rage with the team. The sour weather factor was sweetened by Millennium’s outstanding organization of the Paris-Disneychallenge, which has long since become the rule. We may only top this with our special thanks to Paula, for all the kind help regarding this contest & throughout the whole year."

The Millennium Paintball Series News
29 of October, 2012

Paris Disney Semiprofessional Paintball League Winners: Polar Bears Tarko Sale

Polar Bears Tarko Sale

"Polar Bears team was founded 4 years ago and this Millennium season became the first European tournament in Polar Bears history. We are very proud that we have reached all the goals at the best event in Europe - Millennium Series. We have won not only three 1st places over the season, we ended 2nd overall and got a lot of new friends and mates. This season was really hard for us - we met a lot of strong and famous teams in the SPL and all our matches were difficult.

We want to thank everybody, who helped us during the matches, our spectators who supported us on the tribunes, our coach- Maxim Preobrazhensky and our sponsors: MAXS and Draxxus."

The Millennium Paintball Series News
27 of October, 2012

Paris Disney Division 1 Winners: Izmir Collision

Izmir Collision

The Millennium Paintball Series News
25 of October, 2012

Paris Disney Division 2 Winners: Scorpions Milano

Scorpions Milano

"It has been a great season for Scorpions Milano!! Finally our dreams came true!! It has been a very busy and difficult year for the team with a lot of training and hard work in order to achieve good results. Nothing would have been possible though without the help and support of Maxsimus Lundqvist, on and off the field!! He made the team train hard and helped us becoming great players!! This is why we want to thank him for everything!!

We are also extremely happy the team has an on-going collaboration with Dye, which has chosen to represent us in Italy! And the best way to show them our gratitude was by winning the Italian Championship, the CPS event in Milan and last but not least the Millennium Event in Paris!! Also, from next year the Scorpions Milan will move up to the Division 1!!!

We want to thank all our friends and supporters that followed us throughout the whole year and our 'big boss' that did not let us miss anything!! All this is making us feel like a professional team, so thank you all!! Also, a big thank you goes to the Dye Family for the great DM12 Guns, the Dye gear and the amazing Paintball Dye CG!! Thank you to our main sponsor Camo Sport S.R.L. for the support! Thank you to our friends and sponsor Globe Soldiers!! See you next Year in Division 1!!!"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
23 of October, 2012

Paris Disney Division 3 Winners: London Tigers 3

London Tigers 3

"London Tigers 3 want to thank Richmond Italia and Steve Rabakoff for all their hands on help during the finals and also GI Sportz and Manic Paintball for all their support and stunning paint. Plus all the players from the Tigers Family for their great effort in such trying conditions. Thanks to all the refs and all the teams we faced, see you next year!"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
19 of October, 2012

Paris Disney World Cup – A Thank you!

Disney Grandstands

Despite the unseasonably adverse weather conditions we experienced in Paris, the event was still a great success! Our staff and Refs did an amazing job to keep the event running smoothly. We would like to thank all teams, players, spectators, sponsors and trade who attended the event and battled through the rain with us, but also take this opportunity to thank our amazing Millennium team who did a fantastic job from beginning to end!

CPL Field Action

Congratulations to all the 211 teams that competed over the weekend! We witnessed Event Champions be crowned over 5 divisions and saw Art Chaos Moscow, Vision Marseille, Izmir Collision, Aggression The Hague and GFY Evolution 2 walk away as 2012 Division Champions.

CPL Field in the Rain

Not only did we have the largest number of teams ever, but also the largest Trade Show that was very well attended, and provided much needed shelter at times!


Great Britain were crowned U-19 European Champions, we witnessed the Classic Division for the first time, and we saw the debut of Millennium Series TV’s live webcast ... a huge success with impressive first viewing figures of more than 86,000 views of the event and over 1300 people watching the CPL Final online on the Sunday! If you missed any of the action, you can still watch footage at https://new.livestream.com/accounts/1614555/events/1593865/videos

Grandstands & VIP

Thank you to every one of you who attended this event, and our 2012 series. We hope to see many of you (and more!) back for the 2013 series!


Overall Standings:

Champions Paintball League 2012 Champions – Art Chaos Moscow
Semiprofessional Paintball League 2012 Champions – Vision Marseille
Division 1 2012 Champions – Izmir Collision
Division 2 2012 Champions – Aggression The Hague
Division 3 2012 Champions – GFY Evolution Paris 2


The Millennium Paintball Series News
17 of October, 2012

All Videoposts from Paris-Disney now available:

Millennium Series TV: Videos World Cup Paris-Disney

The Millennium Paintball Series News
14 of October, 2012

Rankings 2012 Online NOW:

The tournaments ranking for the World Cup in Paris-Disney within the Millennium Series ranking for the season 2012 is online for all divisions!

The Millennium Paintball Series News
12 of October, 2012

The LIVEstream of the World Cup in Paris-Disney is online:

Millennium TV

The Millennium Paintball Series News
09 of October, 2012

Paris Disney World Cup 2012 ... only a couple of days to go!

Make sure you do not miss the biggest EVER Millennium event ...


  • Over 215 teams, representing 30 different countries.
  • A huge tradeshow over 4 days, where sponsors will have hundreds of different products on display and will be introducing their new product lines to you! Team signings will occur throughout the weekend, where there'll be the opportunity to meet your favourite players and teams!
  • Witness the top teams across 5 divisions battle to be crowned the Millennium 2012 Champions.
  • The debut of the "Classic Division".
  • The first on-site players party - Saturday 13th October, and many more surprises to help celebrate the Tontons 20th Anniversary.
  • The final event of the EPBF Calendar, the U-19 Championship. 10 European nations will compete to be named European Champions.


This is definitely one not to be missed ... entrance to spectators is FREE!


For those who cannot make it, don't forget you can witness the action LIVE:

Millennium TV

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