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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
08 of November, 2013

PRESS RELEASE – Millennium Appoints Representative for Russia & CIS States

Millennium Representative Tatiana

The Millennium Series is pleased to announce the appointment of Tatiana Nikolaeva as our representative in Russia and the CIS States. Tatiana is very well known in the tournament paintball circuit in Russia as well as most other parts of Europe. Her love for our sport and her knowledge of International Paintball events from a team’s perspective will make her a big asset to the Millennium and to the teams. Tatiana will be there to answer any questions you may have, to assist with Visa issues and to help with proper and clear communication from The Millennium to our customers, the teams, and to ensure that players have an enjoyable, worthwhile & memorable experience at our events. Russian teams have become a very important part of not only European Paintball but worldwide and we hope to welcome as many as possible in the future. Tatiana is the first appointment in a series of regional Millennium representatives who will be announced shortly.

Tatiana’s contact details are:

Email: tatiana@millennium-series.com
Cell: 7 (965) 339 37 69
Skype: paranoiaz

The Millennium Paintball Series News
05 of November, 2013

Millennium Series 2014 Calendar & Series Information

Dear Player, 

we are pleased to launch the 2014 Millennium Series. 2014 is the 15th Anniversary of the Millennium and we intend to make it a year of celebration of all that is good in our sport. Our emphasise will be centred on teams and the enjoyment of our sport. Parties, atmosphere, special events, quality fields, quality reffing and player facilities will be at the heart of our season.

The 2014 dates & venue release information are as follows:

• Mediterranean Cup - South of France: April 4th - 6th 2014 - Venue details at 5pm CET November 29th, 2013 

• European Masters - Germany: May 16th - 18th 2014 - Venue details at 5pm CET 6th of December 2013

• Campaign Cup - London: July 4th - 6th 2014 - Venue details at 5pm CET 13th of December 2013

• World Cup - Paris: September 26th - 28th - Venue details at 5pm CET December 20th, 2013

We have made some changes regarding the divisional options for the 2014 season in order to better emphasize the structure and options for players of varying levels of ability.

Amongst the changes will be a renaming of Division 1 to SPL2. As this is a locked division and feeds straight into SPL the new definition is more appropriate to the league and makes a clear division between locked and open divisions. Old Division 2 & 3 will be renamed Open Division 1 & 2. In addition we are launching a 5 Man Breakout division aimed at new players or those that want to play for fun [2014-divisions-millennium-series.pdf]

To add to the atmosphere and to assist in the growth of our sport we will also be running several new formats during the season according to venue facilities including a 1 on 1 championship, Tactical Formula, Woodland competition, Pump, 3 Man etc. However, the main emphasise will be on a fun season long party atmosphere bringing together the old and new from the last 15 years.

Over the next few weeks we will be announcing many new changes and the appointment of some new faces who are taking positions in The Millennium to ensure we provide the best possible product for the teams & leaseholders, our customers.  

if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at board@millennium-series.com

The Millennium Paintball Series News
30 of October, 2013

Team Feedback Survey

Has your team previously played a Millennium Series event, but did not play one of our 2013 events?

If so, if you have 5 minutes, please take the time to visit the survey link below and complete our very quick questionnaire. 


For teams that did play the 2013 season, there is also a feedback survey available here:


If you haven't completed this already, please do so if you have the time! Your feedback is much appreciated.

2014 marks the 15th Anniversary of the Millennium Series. Our aim is to make 2014 a season to remember, with our focus being on your enjoyment. 

By taking a couple of minutes to complete the survey, you'll help us to achieve our goal, by giving you what YOU want.

Thank you all in advance

The Millennium Paintball Series News
17 of October, 2013

Toulouse Tontons, 2013 CPL Champions

Toulouse Tontons Congratulations 2013

"These results summarize one year full with intensity, abnegation, sacrifices and investments.

We are happy to have achieved all our goals and to be able to offer these three titles to our fans and sponsors who supported us all the year.

I would thank before all the Tonton staff which follows us on all the tournaments and which enables us to approach the tournaments in all serenity.

Then I would thank my players for who this long and tiring season.

They manage to keep the intensity of play and our ultimate objective to win the LNP and the Millennium.

Then I would to thank our leaders who for more than 20 years are present and passionate always as much as we are.

This victory is not only ours, it also belongs to Dye, SupAirBall, Safer, Energy Paintball, Projet K, Virtue, Xpaint and all our supporters.

We thank you for your trust.

TonTon 4 Ever

Fabrice Colombo alias TAVAREZ"

Toulouse Tontons

The Millennium Paintball Series News
08 of October, 2013

Our 2013 Division Champions

Champions Paintball League

Champions: Toulouse Tontons
Toulouse Tontons Champions 2013 Champions Paintball League Toulouse Tontons Toulouse Tontons

Runners Up: Art Chaos Moscow
Art Chaos Moscow 2013 Runners Up Champions Paintball League Art Chaos Moscow

3rd Place: Edmonton Impact
Edmonton Impact 2013 3rd Place Champions Paintball League

4th Place: London Nexus
London Nexus 2013 4th Place Champion Paintball League

Semiprofessional Paintball League

Champions: London Tigers
London Tigers 2013 Champions Semiprofessional Paintball League

Runners Up: Offenburg Comin At Ya
Offenburg Comin At Ya 2013 Runners Up Semiprofessional Paintball League

3rd Place: Hellwood Paris
Hellwood Paris 2013 3rd Place Semiprofessional Paintball League

4th Place: Boost Air Rennes
Boost Air Rennes 2013 4th Place Semiprofessional Paintball League

Division 1

Champions: GI London Defiance
GI London Defiance 2013 Champions Division 1

Runners Up: Scorpions Milano
Scorpions Milano 2013 Runners Up Division 1

3rd Place: Ronholt Blast
Ronholt Blast 2013 3rd Place Division 1

4th Place: Bad Boys Oss
Bad Boys Oss 2013 4th Place Division 1

Division 2

Champions: Lucky 15th Staffordshire
Lucky 15th Staffordshire 2013 Champions Division 2

Runners Up: Durham DV8
Durham DV8 2013 Runners Up Division 2

3rd Place: Diaspora Vilnius
Diaspora Vilnius 2013 3rd Place Division 2

4th Place: Poison Ivy Drammen
Poison Ivy Drammen 2013 4th Place Division 2

Division 3

Champions: Evil Men Toulouse
Evil Men Toulouse 2013 Champions Division 3

Runners Up: Apocalypses Brussels
Apocalypses Brussels 2013 Runners Up Division 3

3rd Place: Druid Celtic Saulx les Chartreux
Druid Celtic Saulx les Chartreux 2013 3rd Place Division 3

4th Place: Lions PB Martigny
Lions PB Martigny

The Millennium Paintball Series News
07 of October, 2013

Evil Men Toulouse - Winners Division 3, 2013

Evil Men Toulouse

The Millennium Paintball Series News
04 of October, 2013

London Tigers - Winners Semiprofessional Paintball League, 2013

London Tigers

"The London Tigers would like to thank all our sponsors, GISPORTZ, Planet Eclipse, Manic and Lips for all their support, our training ground, Bricketwood for their continued use of their great facilities.

Also we would like to thank the support of all the other UK teams who helped us to have our second win in Chantilly.

And I would like to personally thank all the guys on our SPL squad, and all the other London Tigers teams for making me proud to say I am the owner of the London Tigers.

And last but not least to my good friend and long time team mate Twizz, with out his unstoppable will to win we wouldn't of had this great season."

The Millennium Paintball Series News
02 of October, 2013

GI London Defiance - Winners Division 1, 2013

GI London Defiance

"GI London Defiance take our third win out of four in the 2013 season tying the season up nicely. We would like to thank the Millennium Series for putting on such a iconic event and regardless of us starting out rocky we finished on a high finishing the finals out 4-0.

The event would not have been possible to win without the most important members of our team, our sponsors:

GI Sportz - By far the best paint on the market, Heralds pants, Vforce Grillz and Race Packs.
DLX Technologies - Shooting the crisp LUXE is a privilege which we are honoured to have.
Bricketwood - The pinnacle of training venues in the UK.
Style Supply - Making us comfortable and stylish on the field with the Ultra-PRO jersey.
LIPS - For all our paintball needs (www.lips-paintball.com)
Project K - The most advanced paintball training system in the world (www.the-k-project.com)
PbNation - Keeping the paintball word connected
Paintballphotography - Gary Baum"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
30 of September, 2013

Art Chaos Moscow - Winners Champions Paintball League Paris-Chantilly 2013

Art Chaos Moscow

"After fine-tuning our new tactics during the previous Millennium Series Ltd rounds, Art Chaos had to win Paris, Chantilly, now that's done - and it is the result of intense tactical brainstorming and a lot of hard physical training.

We are happy to offer this victory to our increasing fan-base whose support is of paramount importance to us. We have enjoyed the new location - as well as the spotless organization of the tournament. All our thanks to Millennium's Paula who's lent us all her kind help all throughout the season, as she usually does since the first day we entered this circuit."

The Millennium Paintball Series News
19 of September, 2013

Lucky 15s Staffordshire - Winners Division 2, 2013

Lucky 15s Staffordshire

"We would like to thank the Millennium for an amazing final event in Chantilly, without a doubt the most spectacular location for a paintball event we've ever attended. From the staff to the referees and all those involved behind the scenes to make the event what it was, a big hats off to you all. We had some amazing games against some tough teams to get our 1st place.

The Mexican team Riot Guadalajara gave us a very tough prelim match on the Saturday on the CPL field, and our usual bogey team Mamba Libreville fought hard in the last 8. Although hard for both of us for us to grasp the match on a technicality, we hope that us going on to win eased the pain slightly (as it did for us when you went onto 1st place in London after yet another close match). Finally to our finals game against Tehran Datis, probably the toughest game of the event. We both put on a great show and was an honour to take the field with you on the CPL field.

None of the above would be possible without the support of our sponsors; GI Sportz for the amazing paint, Planet Eclipse for the LV1s and GEO3s (along with the amazing support we received in the pits from your tech crew) and last but by no means least, Virtue for a hopper that never skipped a beat.

Ainsley Baddeley"

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