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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
03 of April, 2013

GI London Defiance will be competing in division 1 of the Millennium Series for 2013

GI London Defiance

"The new 2013 GI London Defiance team roster is a exciting one and will be a mixture of experienced players and young fresh talent and we are looking forward to working our way through the season.

GI London Defiance are looking forward to representing GI Sportz by carrying it's name through the 2013 Millennium season. We will be shooting the best paint in the world from GI Sportz and using the all new 2013 GI pants and packs as well as the Vforce Grillz Goggles. The team will also be wearing fully custom jerseys from Style Supply and using London International Paintball Supplies (LIPS) for all it's other equipment needs. We'll also like to announce that we will be flying the Project K flag, the worlds most advanced online training system and will continue to practice at the UK's most premier paintball field Bricketwood. 

Check us out and receive direct news here - http://www.facebook.com/LondonDefiance
GI Sportz - http://www.gisportz.com/
Project K - http://www.the-k-project.com/
Style Supply - http://www.s2customs.com/
London International Paintball Supply (LIPS) - http://lips-paintball.com/
Machine Paintball - http://www.machinepaintball.com/
Bricketwood Training Center - http://www.facebook.com/Bricketwoodpaintball
PbNation - http://www.PbNation.com/"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
02 of April, 2013

Millennium Series TV will broadcast all events in 2013 season

After the great success of the first incarnation of Millennium Series TV at the Paris Disney event in October 2012, the Millennium Series is proud to announce:

In 2013 all four tournaments will be fully covered by the most professional crews of Millennium Series TV! They will bring on your screen not only the action packed games on the CPL field from all angles and in great detail, but also interviews with the stars of our sport in the heat of the moment and impressions from the trade shows and the other fields. They will catch the unique atmosphere of each of our events and will stream it as live webcast on your TV, your PC or mobile device at your choice in HD. Additional highlights will be coverage of the EPBF championships running in conjunction at all four tournaments, starting with the EPBF U19 Youth Cup in Puget.

You can access live stream comfortably from www.millennium-series.com/media.php?info=broadcast and of course it is free for all.

If you are not there playing at the tournaments anyway, tune in and get first hand impressions!


The Millennium Paintball Series News
02 of April, 2013

Paint Xtreme confirmed as Gold Sponsors of the 2013 Season

Paint XtremePAINT XTREME exists since the year 2000. From the very beginning this German company has supported the Millennium. Every player who has been at a Millennium event know their colourful booths full of all kind of products. The company, with it's headquarters near Frankfurt, is the European (exclusive) distributor for such brands like LAYSICK, R7, CONTRACT KILLER CLOTHING, BEORANGED, NEW DESIGNZ, EXALT and also distributes (exclusivelly) such well known names like LUXE , KM, TIBERIUS, VIRTUE and many more. No matter if you are a dealer or player, it’s always worth visiting them at their booth or their website www.paint-xtreme.com

The Millennium Paintball Series News
30 of March, 2013

Press release PCB Game March, 29- 2013 – for immediate Release: Millennium's fields walk in your couch!

PCBPCB Game, publisher of the first 3D Paintball game for mobiles and tablets "XField Paintball" provides an innovative free online service for 3D virtual field walk with Millennium 's official layouts.

This new service is available now for Millennium series Mediterranean Cup which will be running at Puget Sur Argens from 12 to 14 April 2013.
XWalk in the Field
It allows competitors, but also all paintball fans, to evolve in a 3D immersive world with sufficient accuracy to test and evaluate their match strategies: Calculation of firing angles, positioning modules, 2D/3D views , ...

Walk the Millennium Series field

It is also possible to adjust the height of the camera view with an accuracy of centimeter. This has been possible thanks to the partnership with Sup'Air Ball, the company equipping all official competitions fieds.


The application is usable in a web browser, only the installation of a small plug-in is required. Users must just download a small 3D scene (about 25 MB).

XWalk in the Millennium Series field

XWalk in the Millennium Series field

There are different ways to approach each module: standing, crouching or crawling, height and angles for shooting automatically adapt.

PCB Game and Millennium announce a partnership agreement that will allow publishing the 3D layouts from the day of their official publication.

You can try it here: http://walk.xfield-paintball.com/millennium/puget2013/

Contact PCB Game SAS: Fabrice Tron - fab@pcb-team.com - 425, rue Jean Rostand, 31670 Labège – France. www.xfield-paintball.com

Contact Millennium Series Ltd: Lars Herzig - lars@millennium-series.com - Adrenalin House, rooklands Park, Farningham Road, Crowborough, TN6 2JD UK

The Millennium Paintball Series News
28 of March, 2013

LA Infamous to play in the Millennium for 2013

Empire Paintball is proud to announce that LA Infamous will be competing in the Millennium Events for their 2013 Europe Campaign.

"It has been a lot of years since I have competed in the millennium series. Myself and the rest of Infamous are extremely excited to play in Europe again" said Travis Lemanski, Owner and Captain of LA Infamous "The only way for our team to reach the pinnacle of greatness is to play all over the world." 

Empire LA Infamous

"We are dedicated to becoming the best brand possible." said Billy Ceranski of Empire Paintball, "The CPL offers a great product and we look forward to supporting teams in all division across the globe with the best paint in the industry and bar-none customer service."

LA Infamous will be competing in the CPL division of the Millennium series as Empire LA Infamous. Various members of Sacramento XSV will be guest appearances on the team as well. Empire Paintball is proud to support the best Europe has to offer in the Millennium Series.

Connect with Empire Paintball on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with breaking news.

Read more: http://empirepaintball.com/infamous-millennium-press-release#ixzz2Op3JKsEt

The Millennium Paintball Series News
27 of March, 2013

Millennium Series 2013 Puget Sur Argens Youtube Opener

The Millennium Paintball Series News
25 of March, 2013

Press Release

London Relentless are pleased to announce that we will be playing Division 1 of The Millennium Series in 2013.

London Relentless

"After taking 2 podiums in 2012 and finishing 4th overall in D2, the team is ready to step up to D1 for the coming season. We are excited to have the opportunity to play against the best teams in Europe and can't wait for the new challenge that's ahead of us.

None of this would be possible without the help and support of our sponsors.

Special thanks to GI Sportz who have made this possible, we will be wearing head to toe GI kit and V Force goggles. We'll also be wearing EKK 'Rise' jerseys, using the awesome MacDev Clone GTi and of course shooting the best paint on the market like we always have, GI Imperial.

Take some time and check out our sponsors websites and Facebook pages:

Follow the teams progress throughout the year on our team Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LondonRelentless

GI Sportz - http://gisportz.com/
MacDev - http://macdev.net/
EKK Gear - http://ekkgear.com/
London International Paintball Supplies - http://www.lips-paintball.com/
Full Bore Images - https://www.facebook.com/fullboreimages
Bricket Wood Pro Training - https://www.facebook.com/BricketWoodPaintballProTrainingCentre"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
24 of March, 2013

Public draw at CPL training session, with all attending teams doing the actual draw:

Group A
Art Chaos Moscow
Frankfurt Syndicate
Paris Camp Carnage
Polar Bears Tarko Sale

Group B
Empire LA Infamous
Marseille Icon
Copenhagen Ducks
Birmingham Disruption

Group C
Toulouse Tontons
Breakout Spa
GI Houston Heat
Edmonton Impact

Group D
Ramstein Instinct
Outrage Valence
London Nexus
Vision Marseille

The Millennium Paintball Series News
24 of March, 2013

HK Army to be Gold Sponsor 2013

HK Army

The Millennium Paintball Series News
22 of March, 2013

Draw Champions Paintball League 2013

The Mediterranean Cup CPL public draw, will take place on Sunday 24th March, during the afternoon at the [CPL training session], in attendance of the CPL team captains present at the session.

For 2013 the top 4 ranked teams within the CPL will each be assigned to group A to D according to their ranking.

For Mediterranean Cup: The top 4 ranked teams from 2012 head up each group for the first event:

Group A – Art Chaos Moscow (rank 1)
Group B – Empire LA Infamous (rank 2)
Group C – Toulouse Tontons (rank 3)
Group D – Ramstein Instinct (rank 4)

Art Chaos Moscow Empire LA Infamous Toulouse Tontons Ramstein Instinct

Hat 1 – 5th to 8th ranked teams:

Breakout Spa
Frankfurt Syndicate
Marseille Icon
Outrage Valence

Breakout Spa Frankfurt Syndicate Marseille Icon Outrage Valence

Hat 2 – 9th to 12th ranked teams:

London Nexus
Paris Camp Carnage
Copenhagen Ducks
GI Houston Heat

London Nexus Paris Camp Carnage Copenhagen Ducks GI Houston Heat

Hat 3 – 13th to 16th ranked teams:

Birmingham Disruption
Edmonton Impact
Vision Marseille
Polar Bears Tarko Sale

Birmingham Disruption Edmonton Impact Vision Marseille Polar Bears Tarko Sale

1) team #2 for group A to D will be drawn,
2) team #3 for group A to D will be drawn,
3) team #4 for group A to D will be drawn.

For events 2-4, rankings following the previous tournament will be used.

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