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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
08 of June, 2012

Winners European Masters 2012 Division 1: Izmir Collision

Izmir Collision

"Izmir Collision has been renewed since last season in D2 with additional really good players. We almost had a perfect start in 2012 reaching the finals in St Tropez, but couldn't get the 1st place. The Thursday practice there was our first paint practice for the Norwegian players due to weather conditions up in the north. We all knew that we were more then good enough for a 1st place. We could now since St.Tropez practice outdoors with paint, and that obviously helped a lot. We felt like most of the games went without any problems, we gave away very few points during the weekend. We are happy with the results, and we are even more closer for a promotion. We really want that SPL spot in 2013! We've got to get the overall 1st place in London. A cool fact is that several of the top teams in D1 this year are teams that has been promoted from D2 last season.

We would like to thank Celtic for the great paint we shot in Bitburg, they are always there for us. We also need to thank Izmir Angelpaint Paintball for the support, Turkish hunting and shooting federation for the help. There are also friends that help us in the pit during the games… Great to have you there! 

We will be even more prepared for the London event, watch out, and see you guys there"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
06 of June, 2012

Winners European Masters 2012 Division 2: Aggression the Hague

Aggression the Hague

"Our 4th place in St. Tropez was a product of all our hard work and effort in the last few months. Allthough we were very satisfied with the result, we knew we could do even better, even more. So we got hungry for more... Bitburg would be the event to show that, and luckily we got the chance to do so. Aggression is now ranked 1st overall and more than ready to defend that ranking at the next event in London! We look forward to it..... hope to see all the teams there!

We would like to thank our fine sponsors who made all of this possible: TAC-Paintball for the support , Bob Long for the G6R makers, RAZA for the great jersey, Ninja for the excelllent airsystems, dssp8ntball.com for all they did for us, and last but not least The Cap Guy for the website.

To all the fans and supporters, who where there on site and here back home, we would like to thank you for all the support and help. We just couldn't have done it all without you! We hope we can count on you next time!"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
01 of June, 2012

Millennium Series field sale in London

4 fields will be available:

1. Millennium pro series 44 bunkers blue/black colors printed Millennium logo in Yellow.

2. Millennium pro series 44 bunkers blue colors printed Dye logo in white.

3. Millennium pro series 44 bunkers red/black colors printed MAXS logo in Black.

Price 4849€

4. Millennium Tournament 44 bunkers red/black colors printed GISportz logo in Black. (no water Bladder).

Price 4149€

For all enquiries please contact thierry@adrenalinegames.com

Breakout Side

The Millennium Paintball Series News
31 of May, 2012

Winners European Masters 2012 Division 3: Neon Crew 62 Rellingen

Neon Crew 62 Rellingen

"As we arrived in Bitburg we thought we would be there for 4 days of parties with our mates and besides from that, playing a "bit" of paintball! But it became that we won one game after another........ which felt quite good!

Saturday evening our boy Dave was doing the music at the players party in the Heizwerk, which meant that everyone of us needed to stay there as long as he had to stay. .....until 4:30am! Our first game on Sunday was at 8:00 am.. ...maybe that was the main reason why we won; because we were still in party-mode!!

We'd like to thank our sponsors and supporters: Jens Geercken Elektrotechnik for his amazing trust and huge amount of money, Paintballshop Hannover, Shield Paintball Productions, 2die4 and Neon for a great field."

Neon Crew 62 Rellingen

The Millennium Paintball Series News
30 of May, 2012


Registration for our 3rd leg of the 2012 series is open for Division 2 and Division 3 teams. Please ensure you register your team quickly to guarantee a spot for this event! www.millennium-series.com/teams.php?team=register

London Masters

Please also remember to book your accommodation for this event as soon as you can, if you have not done so already as hotels in the area are filling quickly. A full list of accommdation can be found here www.millennium-series.com/events.php?event=T3#hotels

London Masters

The Millennium Paintball Series News
27 of May, 2012

All series rankings after European Masters 2012 are online now. Champions Paintball League groups for the London Masters you find here:


The Millennium Paintball Series News
27 of May, 2012

Field Walking & Team Training – London Masters:

Following feedback we have received from players and sponsors, for our London Masters event we shall be operating the training sessions differently to give all teams an opportunity to walk the fields of their choice.

It became apparent in Bitburg that by making 4 fields available for training sessions, it did not give players and teams enough of an opportunity to walk the fields on the Thursday.

Starting from 12 Noon in London, there will always be a field available for walking, right up until 9pm. You can find the schedule here


which shows the available hours on each field, so you can plan your field walking in advance.

This does reduce the number of available training sessions for the event, so if you wish to book a spot please do so quickly. Slots can be booked directly from within your Team Managers account.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
22 of May, 2012

Field Walking - European Masters

We will have some fields available for walking at this event, on Thursday 24th May, during the following hours:

* 10.30am to 12pm &
* 8pm to 9pm

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