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European Masters
12. - 14. May 2017
The Millennium Paintball Series News
26 of June, 2011

Nations Cup Qualification System

1st to 3rd July 2011.Campaign Cup-Basildon UK

Format: Race to 4.
Roster: 12 players (only 10 per game allowed).
Games are scheduled Friday and Saturday afternoon around 5pm (will start when Millennium day games will be over).
Direct Elimination . 2 games Minimum

Nations Cup Qualification System

Teams which will lose their first game, will have to play a 2nd game for ranking purpose for 2012 cup.
Seeding by taking into account number of teams in highest divisions per country.
Because some countries are not confirmed yet, they could be replaced [*Spain is replaced by Ukraine].
In yellow countries confirmed as today, Thursday 30th June.

Rank Country Rank Country Rank Country Rank Country
1 FRA 5 DEN 9 SWE 13 LAT
2 GBR 6 BEL 10 UKR* 14 POL
3 RUS 7 NOR 11 NED 15 SUI
4 GER 8 POR 12 GRE 16 ITA
The Millennium Paintball Series News
25 of June, 2011

The European Paintball Federation launches a new European ranking system

In 2011 the EPBF will launch a new international ranking system. Depending on the size and divisions of a series, individual tournaments, and leagues there will be points assigned according their results to any paintball team participating. That points table you find there: Ranking sheet EPBF ranking system 2011 [PDF]. As well the EPBF provides a new website for more informations, as well as links to the individual registration systems for teams and players.

This is the press release of the EPBF:

European Paintball Federation


Dear Teams, Players & Paintball Industry,

We are pleased to inform you that for some time the paintball federations of Europe have been working together under the umbrella of the EPBF in order to more effectively address the development & wellbeing of Paintball across the continent.

After much work and consultation the EPBF are now ready to launch a Europe wide common ranking system for all European registered teams. The ranking will include results from European International events and national events organised under the EPBF umbrella combining all results into one system.

The EPBF ranking consists of 5 groups:

EPBF Grand Slams
EPBF Masters
EPBF 600
EPBF 400
EPBF 240

Each group receives different point's recognition as does position, similar to the ranking in Tennis. The highest number of points being given to Grand Slams and reducing accordingly to EPBF 240's.
The groups are defined as follows:

EPBF Grand Slam Events:

Millennium Series Events
20 27 March 2011 Paris (France)
20 22 May 2011 Bitburg (Germany)
1 3 July 2011 London (UK)
30 Sept 2 October 2011 Paris (France)
Grand Tour Event
10 11 September 2011 Vienna (Austria)

EPBF Masters Events:

Grand Tour Events
30 Apr 1 May 2011 Venice (Italy)
18 19 June 2011 Lviv (Ukraine)
30 31 July 2011 Warsaw (Poland)

International Events recognised by the EPBF:

3-4 December 2011 Lviv Xmas Cup (Ukraine)
Other participating events to be announced shortly

EPBF 600, 400, 240 Events:

These events are the national leagues which are split into 3 groups dependent on the number of participants.

France: LNP
Germany: DPL
Poland: PLP
Austria: OPBL
Ukraine: UAC

Other countries and events will be added to this list as we complete our due diligence to ensure all requirements are complied with.

There will be no limit to the number of events a team can enter and every result will be counted in the EPBF ranking. Teams will not need to submit their results as this is done by the EPBF and all event & league operators. The ranking will be published on the official EPBF website where all teams, sponsors & interested parties will be able to see every teams ranking. Attached to this release you will see the points attributed to all groups and positions. This ranking will be back dated to the beginning of 2011 and will be published in full very soon.

We believe this is a big step on the road to proper official recognition of our sport across Europe. It should prove to be a very useful tool for teams and the industry as a whole.

Like all new systems, we will continuously monitor and listen to feedback and if necessary fine tune details for the next season.

The EPBF is here to serve the sport of paintball and to ensure its long term health & growth.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
24 of June, 2011

Team France, Ladies Cup: Champions 2011

Team France Ladies Cup Champions 2011

Team France & Germany Ladies Cup 2011

The Millennium Paintball Series News
20 of June, 2011

PCA Raptors Division M5: Champions, MAXS European Masters Bitburg 2011

PCA Raptors Division M5: Champions, Bitburg 2011

The Millennium Paintball Series News
14 of June, 2011

GFY Evolution Paris Division 3: Champions, MAXS European Masters Bitburg 2011

GFY Evolution Paris - second win

"GFY Evolution has confirmed its enthusiasm and willingness to progress on the European circuit with a second victory at the Millennium Series this year. The real strengths of the group are the team spirit with a lot of fun playing together and weekly technical and tactical trainings. We would like to thank all the other teams we are playing with on this tournament, and all our French playmates. We also want to thank the sponsors who are supplying us since the beginning: Carnage Paintball for the best paint ever, Side Effect for their ultimate jerseys and after game, and Camp Paintball shop for their support and fields."

The Millennium Paintball Series News
10 of June, 2011

THE MILLENNIUM SERIES - Campaign Cup 2011 Trailer

THE MILLENNIUM SERIES - Campaign Cup 2011 from Claude Sagné on Vimeo.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
09 of June, 2011

RMG Bratislava Division 2: Champions, MAXS European Masters Bitburg 2011

RMG Bratislava Division 2: Champions, Bitburg 2011

"This was awesome! Excellent event and great location. After winning 5men in Bitburg in 2010, stepping up to Div2 was a huge challenge for us. We want to thank our trainer Philipp Fischer and also MAXS Austria and MacDev for supporting us. Please show them some love and check our facebook at www.facebook.com/TeamRMG or our website www.teamrmg.eu."

Vladimir Krajcovic, RMG Bratislava

The Millennium Paintball Series News
05 of June, 2011

Kosmos Moscow Division 1: Champions, MAXS European Masters Bitburg 2011

Kosmos Moscow Division 1: Champions, Bitburg 2011

“This is the first time team Kosmos Moscow has won a Millennium event! All of the players directed all their efforts to getting on the top of the podium in this perfectly organised event in Bitburg, and it went just right. We are grateful to Celtic Paintballs for the great paint, refs for their selfless work, our competitors for challenges and interesting games, and everyone who supported us during this tournament for their help and energy. See you in London!”

Ksenia Kazakova, team Kosmos Moscow

The Millennium Paintball Series News
01 of June, 2011

Consilium Dei Zurich Semiprofessional Paintball League: Champions, MAXS European Masters Bitburg 2011

Consilium Dei Zurich Champions SPL Bitburg 2011

The Millennium Paintball Series News
27 of May, 2011

Art Chaos Moscow Champions Paintball League: Champions, MAXS European Masters Bitburg 2011

Art Chaos Moscow Champions Paintball League: Champoins Bitburg 2011

"Art Chaos is a unique project that unites super different people under sports will, great dedication and game experience that we always put into our victories. Our latest result has been a real example of Art at match performance with a little Chaos in game playing. There would be no show without great experienced and talented European teams that keep improving paintball as a sport. We are really looking forward to London where we can compete against ALL of the best teams, striving for another victory. Nevertheless Art Chaos wouldn't be able to do that without our outstanding sponsors such as: Arenda Auto, TCН, Carnage, MacDev and SLY that provide us with perfect paint, super reliable guns and super durable soft gear."

"There is a piece of Chaos in every Art"...

Team Art Chaos Moscow

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