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2Toulouse Tontons
3Russian Legion Moscow
4Breakout Spa
5Manchester Firm
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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
12 of October, 2011

Art Chaos Moscow - Champions Paintball League: Champions, World Cup Paris-Disney 2011

Art Chaos Moscow

"The Paris event is always very impressive, not only because of the beautiful city but also because of the French teams and the French crowd. The competitive level is always VERY high and it is always hard to win, World Cup Paris-Disney 2011 was not an exception. Not surprisingly in the finals we had to play not against the Americans but the proud sons of France - TonTons. Luckily we were stronger in spite of their motherland and cheering crowd. In the epic European final where both sides have shown sports professionalism and mutual respect, Art Chaos has managed to climb to the very top of European Paintball.

We give great respect to Millennium Series that keeps on making great events, we say thank you to the refs who are raising their professional level from event to event, to the fans and crowds who are making games a real sport and, of course, to all of our opponents whom we not just respect but consider to be our brothers in Sports that we are all trying to put to another level.

A separate word to our proud sponsors who have helped to create a new star in European history. These are; Sardar Sardarov, Arenda Auto and TCH - they have gathered us and have given us the fantastic opportunity to compete at such a high level. Carnage paintballs - the very best real European paintballs that are setting new standards, SLY equipment- the new and very innovative PB onfield gear, MACDEV guns- very best and super reliable gun that helps us to be on top for the second season in a row, MAXSIMUM customs for super stylish jerseys and design. Without you guys we wouldn't be the Art Chaos Moscow that is well known today.

There is a piece of Chaos in every art...even in paintball"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
10 of October, 2011

Genaration Kill Paris - Division 2: Champions, World Cup Paris-Disney 2011

Generation Kill Paris

"We came from nowhere and we were really dedicated to making our name known to everyone! Thanks to our perseverance during this first year, thanks to our desire to be the best, we finally got an entire victory.

Regional champion, french vice-champion and finally champion of Division 2 on this last Millennium event.

The best way to conclude the season!

For this we really want to thank; Justin Rabackof for his professionalism and his expertise, GI Sportz and Steve Rabackof and our main and most important partner this year, Paradise Paintball.

We also want to say thank you to Paintball Distribution, Sterling Paintball, Universal Paintball, Mr Gregory Praud, all our pit crews, supporters and sparring partners.

And finally a really really big thanks to our dedicated sports coach, the "Coach Giger" who believes in us and pushes us continually to the highest level..."

The Generation Kill

The Millennium Paintball Series News
07 of October, 2011

Offenbach Comin At Ya - Semiprofessional Paintball League: Champions, World Cup Paris-Disney 2011

Offenbach Comin At Ya

"2011 was a hard year for our team. It was a year with lots of ups and downs. Unfortunately more downs than ups, but during the 2011 season the team grew together more and more.

We have a good roster now and with our 1st place in Paris we were finally able to show our potential in Europe’s biggest international paintball league - The Millennium Series.

For 2012 our goal is the promotion to the Millennium Series CPL Division. At this point we want to thank again our Sponsors, DYE, Paintball Kiosk and also the rest of our team, Comin’ Correct and our friends and fans who supported us and made this all possible. THANK YOU!

We are Comin’ at Ya, and we have just started…"

Team Captain Moritz Berndtson

The Millennium Paintball Series News
04 of October, 2011

Results of all divisions of the World Cup 2011 in Paris-Disney

Champions Paintball League

1 RUS Art Chaos Moscow
2 FRA Toulouse Tontons
3 USA San Diego Dynasty
4 FRA Marseille Icon

Semiprofessional Paintball League

1 GER Offenbach Comin At Ya
2 GRE Dogs D Amour Thessaloniki
3 SUI Consilium Dei Zurich
4 GER Roosters Ulm

Division 1

1 GBR Manchester Firm
2 ITA Empire Venice
3 DEN Copenhagen Synergy
4 NOR Drammen Sabotage

Division 2

1 FRA Generation Kill Paris
2 SVK RMG Bratislava
3 FRA Gold Coast Dijon
4 FRA Imperious Black Angers

Division 3

1 FRA GFY Evolution Paris 2
3 BEL Great Hellfire Bastards
4 FRA Scalp ME Saulx les Chartreux 4

The Millennium Paintball Series News
02 of October, 2011

Series rankings of the Millennium-Series 2011 are online now!

The Millennium Paintball Series News
23 of September, 2011

Millennium Disney World Cup.........The Event of the Year

September 30th – October 2nd 2011
Euro Disney Paris, France

The Millennium Disney World Cup will be the biggest and most exciting event seen in Europe this year! There are many reasons why, as a Paintball fan, this event should not be missed.........

  • Over 160 teams from 25 worldwide countries will compete over 3 days of intense competition! Watch the best teams in the World battle it out to be crowned European Champions.
  • Who will prove to have the skills and talent to be named as overall Millennium Series Champions? See teams from CPL, SPL, Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 battle it out to be recognised as 2011 Divisional Champions.
  • Unique game format to be played by CPL, SPL, Division 1 & Division 2 teams. The 2-in-1 format provides continuous game action for spectators and supporters. 2 games will always be played at the same time, in alternating rounds.
  • An amazing venue, with transport links and many hotels all within walking distance.
  • Come and witness the biggest worldwide trade village of the year! More than 60 vendors will be in attendance, displaying and selling hundreds of brands. Team signings and appearances will be held over the weekend, so don’t miss out on the opportunity of meeting your favourite players face to face.
  • The EPBF Youth Cup will be fought out by rising stars from 8 European Countries on the Friday and Saturday evenings. Come and show your support for your country! Following on from the success of the Nations Cup in London, you will not want to miss the atmosphere these Cups create.
  • Various media, both from within and from outside the paintball industry will be in attendance.
  • The possibility to try Paintball, if you haven’t done so already!

Entrance is completely free for ALL spectators. Games will begin at 8am on all days. For further information please visit www.millennium-series.com/events.php?event=T4

The Millennium Paintball Series News
22 of September, 2011

All groups and schedules for the World Cup 2011 in Paris-Disney online

After we have published the groups for Division 2 and Division 3 last week, all schedules for the World Cup in Paris-Disney are online now at the events page: World Cup Paris-Disney 2011

The Millennium Paintball Series News
20 of September, 2011

MILLENNIUM PARIS DISNEY 30 September - 2nd October 2011

Do not miss the biggest worldwide Paintball Trade Show of the year!
A Village of 7000m2 with more than 60 brands displayed and 1000 dealers expected.

DYE Proto JT Paintball MAXS DXS Gelkaps Dark Sports GI Sportz GI Milsim Celtic Paintballs Vforce Valken Supairball Planeteclipse Kee Empire RPS SLY MacDev Luxe GoG Smartparts Emortal Army Adrenaline V-Tac Carnage Zen pbfashion Maxsimum Customs NXe Tippmann Kingman Training Spyder Paint Xtreme Kartel Prime Tanked Stako Regency Beep Scoreboards Guerilla Air Virtue Slam Jack Style Supply Exalt K3 Be Oranged RedZ Bunkerking Contract Killer Captain O Ring New Designz Aeropaint French Paintball Federation

The Millennium Paintball Series News
12 of September, 2011

EPBF Youth Cup 2011 Update
European Paintball Federation Youth Cup 2011

The Millennium Paintball Series News
04 of September, 2011

Tippmann to be Gun Sponsor in 2011

TippmannTippmann Sports is pleased to be a sponsor of the Millennium Series. Proudly celebrating 25 years in paintball, Tippmann Sports is dedicated to quality manufacturing as well as advancing paintball technology and design. The company serves the global paintball industry from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA and its service center in Brussels, Belgium. Thanks to the addition of the NXe product line, Tippmann Sports now offers a complete line of paintball markers, soft goods, and other related accessories that can be found at paintball stores, fields, mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.

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