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The Millennium Paintball Series News
27 of May, 2011

Art Chaos Moscow Champions Paintball League: Champions, MAXS European Masters Bitburg 2011

Art Chaos Moscow Champions Paintball League: Champoins Bitburg 2011

"Art Chaos is a unique project that unites super different people under sports will, great dedication and game experience that we always put into our victories. Our latest result has been a real example of Art at match performance with a little Chaos in game playing. There would be no show without great experienced and talented European teams that keep improving paintball as a sport. We are really looking forward to London where we can compete against ALL of the best teams, striving for another victory. Nevertheless Art Chaos wouldn't be able to do that without our outstanding sponsors such as: Arenda Auto, TCН, Carnage, MacDev and SLY that provide us with perfect paint, super reliable guns and super durable soft gear."

"There is a piece of Chaos in every Art"...

Team Art Chaos Moscow

The Millennium Paintball Series News
21 of May, 2011

Attention: the Bitburg event is NOT at the same location like previous years (airport). We are about 200m down from the hotel Eifelstern at the stadium of the Sportschule Bitburg.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
28 of April, 2011

THE MILLENNIUM SERIES - MAXS European Masters 2011 Trailer

THE MILLENNIUM SERIES - MAXS European Masters 2011 from Claude Sagné on Vimeo.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
13 of April, 2011

GFY Evolution Paris Division 3: Champions, Millennium Cup Paris-Longchamp 2011

GFY - Evolution

"Our first Millennium together was a real success for our team. We won all the games and did not expect such nice results! We will keep going on training together because team spirit was the key for us. Thank you to our sponsors; Carnage Paintball for the best paint ever, Side Effect for their ultimate jerseys and aftergame, and Camp Paintball shop for their support".


GFY - Evolution

The Millennium Paintball Series News
10 of April, 2011

Izmir Angelpark Division 2: Champions, Millennium Cup Paris-Longchamp 2011

Izmir Angelpark

“We have been blessed with such a bunch of dedicated players putting so much of their heart into the game. We will come back even stronger in Bitburg with the help of our sponsors, DYE, Celtic Paintball, Turkish Shooting and Hunting Federation, and many more. We are aiming for the overall 1st place, and Paris has been a good start…

Wir sehen uns in Bitburg! :)”

Volkan Bagci

The Millennium Paintball Series News
07 of April, 2011

Manchester Firm Division 1: Champions, Millennium Cup Paris-Longchamp 2011

Manchester Firm

“This was a great event for us, not just the first place but with the new members of the team as well. We all worked hard as a team and this showed on the field. We played some great teams that gave us some hard games but we got through it and only losing 9 points in 7 games is pretty impressive! We couldn't of done any of this with out our great sponsors; KEE Action Sports for the best paint we have ever shot this weekend plus the loaders and goggles and packs, Just paintball for the pots and the support The CPPS, the number one tournament and training ground in the UK. Most of all though Planet Eclipse not just for the great markers and playing gear but the support they show us, it’s just like a big family and we are so glad we made them proud this weekend. We would like to thank the Millennium Series as well for a great venue for the first event of the year. The ref's had to make some tough calls but were consistent all weekend…. hats off to you guys.”

Markie C

The Millennium Paintball Series News
04 of April, 2011

Dogs D’Amour Thessaloniki Semiprofessional Paintball League:
Millennium Cup Paris-Longchamp 2011

Dogs D'Amour Thessaloniki

“2011 started with an amazing event and an amazing result for us in our first appearance in the SPL. We succeeded in finishing first and we would like to thank all the following:
The organization for starting the season in a fantastic venue, all the teams that helped us during the weekend including:San Diego Dynasty, Consilium Dei Zurich, Static Nicosia, Argonauts and Athens Legion. Of course our sponsors also; Planet Eclipse for the guns, Dark Sports for paint, Paintball Cyprus and Irka paintball stores & Dynamite Paintball Field. We wish a great season to everyone!”

Antonis Palaiologou

The Millennium Paintball Series News
01 of April, 2011

San Diego Dynasty Champions Paintball League:
Millennium Cup Paris-Longchamp 2011

San Diego Dynasty

“We want to thank the Millennium Series for putting on another great event. We really liked the new venue, and hopefully we can come back again next year. The refs all did a great job as usual. We wouldn't be able to play paintball without the great support and gear from Empire, Eclipse, Guerrilla Air, RPS, CP, DGX, and MAXS. We love coming over to Europe to play the Millennium, and appreciate all the support we get from the fans. Make sure to keep track of what we're doing by following us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/DynastyPaintball or on our website at www.DynastyPaintball.com."

Alex Fraige

San Diego Dynasty San Diego Dynasty Trophies Party

Champions Paintball League
The Millennium Paintball Series News
26 of March, 2011

Impressions from Paris-Longchamp

Paris Longchamp 2011

Paris Longchamp 2011Paris Longchamp 2011Paris Longchamp 2011Paris Longchamp 2011Paris Longchamp 2011

The Millennium Paintball Series News
24 of March, 2011

The Millennium would like to thank all their 2011 sponsors for their support!

Our first event, Paris Longchamp, will have an impressive trade area with the following sponsors and brands present:

Diamond and Platinum:


Maxsimum Customs

Kee Action SportsPlanet EclipseDyeGI SportzCelticGelkaps



Beep ScoreboardsPaint Xtreme


MacDevDyeProtoPlanet EclipseGI MilsimEmpireLuxe



Display Sponsors:

ZenPbfashionKartel PrimeStakoGuerrilla Air

VirtueBe OrangedRedzBunkerkingContract Killer Clothing

Captain O RingNew Designz

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