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The Millennium Paintball Series News
20 of February, 2011

Triade Paris to play SPL in 2011

Triade ParisThe French team Triade Paris has acquired a licence for the SPL division of the Millenium Series circuit 2011. Our team has been improving since 2005 and has chosen to compete against the best teams of Europe. Thank you for the help of our partners, Maxs Sport, Draxxus, Macdev , Net Games and all of you who support us.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
18 of February, 2011

ETV presents: The Chase

ETV"The Chase" is the 5th video in a new online documentary series called Artifact, produced by Planet Eclipse, creators of the EGO, GEO & ETEK Paintball markers. It chronicles the action sport of tournament paintball.

"The Chase" follows four Planet Eclipse teams that compete in the European Millennium Series, each pursuing a different destiny as the 2010 circuit comes to a close in Paris for the final event.

Part one features young up and coming Paris Camp Carnage, who have a chance to qualify for the professional Champions League if they give a strong showing at the Paris Millennium Cup tournament.

ETV Store

“We really hope people like watching these ETV Video’s and hope that you will click on them and watch. We don’t mind if you buy the full download or watch the youtube free videos, we just want people to watch Paintball and spread the word. The viewing figures from Europe on a European Paintball video isn’t great and it’s a shame…. Please have a watch, you might even like it !! “…. LEDZ

Artifact is a collection of documentary shorts. The videos are narrated by acclaimed commentator, writer, and retired professional player Matt Marshall. Artifact is produced by Planet Eclipse, in association with Deep Elm Records, and Disconnected Media.


The Millennium Paintball Series News
15 of February, 2011

Guerrilla Air to be Display Sponsor in 2011

The Millennium is pleased to confirm that Guerrilla Air is premiering as a Display sponsor for the 2011 series:

Guerrilla Air and it's team has been a frontrunner in the design and manufacturing of high performance air systems since their inception into paintball. With its focus on quality, innovation and cost effective products, Guerrilla Air has become the premiere leader to paintball players worldwide. Additionally, Guerrilla Air is committed to not only supporting the sport of paintball, but expanding its appeal and bringing others into the sport as well (as can be witnessed by the unique Youtube video released last month which can be found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbuLsrlbToE ).

With our game-breaking innovation of products such as the Myth G2, coupled with being the exclusive proud manufacturers of the World's lightest, aluminum liner, carbon fiber 68 ci air system, we continue to strive to keep setting the bar higher to make the game experience that much better.

Guerrilla Air

The Millennium Paintball Series News
14 of February, 2011

KM Straps to be Display Sponsor for 2011 Season!

KM is proud to sponsor the 2011 Millennium Series. This year, KM has some brand new products that will be released at these events. Also, we will manufacture custom event straps and special limited items for the Millennium Series.

We look forward as always to another great year of players representing the KM straps/Spine Family. We manufacture custom goggle straps for teams, stores, companies and for individuals that want a unique custom look.

Everyone can find us at www.kmstraps.com

KM Straps

The Millennium Paintball Series News
13 of February, 2011

HULK KIEV to play in Division 1

Hulk KievThe season of  2010 was the first in the history of this team, but there would be very few paintball people that haven’t  paid any attention; not only to the significant design of the jerseys but the beautiful ladies pit crew J. Last year Hulk Kiev won nearly every  tournament they  played ! They won the Ukrainian Championship, The Cup of Ukraine, Grand Tour (Masters) and took second place at the PSP World Cup (D4)!

Moreover, their own reball center "HALK ARENA" and the "Youth Paintball Academy" was opened last year. This year they have aquired a license in Millennium Series Division 1, with the aim of achieving promotion to the SPL in 2012. Thanks to Planet  Eclipse and  Paintballphotography  for the sponsorship. We are still open for sponsors for the upcoming season!

The Millennium Paintball Series News
11 of February, 2011

Amsterdam Heat to play Champions Paintball League 2011

Amsterdam Heat

The Millennium Paintball Series News
09 of February, 2011

Team BALLISTIC GUERVILLE join Millennium Series Division 1 2011

BALLISTIC GUERVILLEAfter playing a few events in 2008 and 2010 in Division 2, the team is pleased to announce they are finally ready to play all events of the upcoming season in Division 1.

The team was formed in late 2007, growing up and growing strong on their hometurf, Universal Paintball, with the help of the owner, Romain Jolit (ex Enemy). To progress from playing in regional leagues, they want to try a new challenge in a higher division of the Millennium Series. Now, they are proud to show their efforts on the field and to represent their trustful sponsors, JT, Cybergun and Universal Paintball.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
04 of February, 2011

Lardi Lugansk to play Division 1 in 2011

Lardi LuganskThe team Lardi Lugansk is pleased to announce they have acquired a Millennium Series Division 1 license for the 2011 season . After a successful performance in Grand Tour, the team looks forward to venturing into Division 1 of the Millennium Series.

This young Ukrainian team was formed in 2009, and in 2010 became a finalist within the Ukrainian Cup and also won bronze medals in the amateur league of the Grand Tour. The fighting spirit of the team focuses only on the highest results achievable. The team has the highest level of technical support; to date sponsors of the team are such global companies as Lardi-Trans, Planet Eclipse & Beep Scoreboards.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
01 of February, 2011

Action Moscow to play Division 1 in 2011!

Following a successful debut in the Millennium European Paintball series last season, Action Moscow is happy to announce that they have acquired a Division 1 license for the upcoming season.

The team has an effective combination of the energy of youth along with the huge experience of matured players which was shown in the 2010 season. Driven by new challenges and led by a new Head Coach Maxim Preobrazhensky (head coach of RL) the team is aiming to get a ticket to the Semi-Pro league by the end of 2011.

Currently the team is strongly supported by players families but is open to offers from other sponsors.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
31 of January, 2011

ML Kings from Prague join Millennium Series Div1

ML Kings PragueThe roots of the ML Kings go back to the city of Melnik 30 km north of Prague, Czech Republic The area in and around Melnik is famous for its wine vineyards and wineries and hosts an annual winefest in May every year. Three of the original players for the ML Kings come originally from the city, Michal Cech, Martin Onderkys, and Viktor "Wiky". They started out playing together military style paintball in Melnik and Prague, but it took just one taste of speedball to find out that there really was only one kind of paintball for them. Like for so many, paintball quickly became a passion. In 2008 the ML Kings were quickly moving up the ranks in the Czech paintball leagues and in that same year added top players from two other teams, Michal Kverka from Ketchup who was also originally from Melnik and Charlie Givens from the PIP Devils who is the lone American import on the team. In 2008, in the first season with its current core five players, the ML Kings finished 6th in the Czech National Championships and won and took top places in tournaments in the Czech and Prague Paintball Leagues. By 2009 and 2010 the ML Kings began moving to tournaments outside of the Czech Republic, most notably the Austrian Winter Paintball League (AWPL) playing the full 2009/2010 season and again in the 2010/2011 season taking 3rd place in the first of three tournaments.

2011 will be a busy season for the "Kings". This year will find them playing in the Czech X-ball league, Prague paintball league, AWPL, 2011 MAXS German Indoor Masters Championships, and of course the best of all, in Europe's top paintball league - The Millennium Series. The passion only grows stronger and stronger, and the end goal seems possible - CPL in the Millennium Series.

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