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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
06 of January, 2011
Epidemy HPS Lille play Division 1 in 2011

Team Epidemy HPS Lille is pleased to announce to play in season 2011 all events in the Millennium Series Div1, having had a very successful season before in Div2 with two tournament wins in Malaga and Paris!

Our players are young, eager and fresh, ranging from very young to 25 years. For the new season the team aims for another sequence of victories on the courts of Europe's premier tournament circle, the Millennium Series, this time in an even higher division. While completing its roster end of last year the team has already made several transitions and will add new players.

The team is currently reviewing its arrangements with potential sponsors, such sponsors are still welcome! If your company is interested, please contact epidemyhpslille@gmail.com

The Millennium Paintball Series News
03 of November, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: 2011 Provisional Calendar

France World Cup April 2011

Germany MAXS European Masters May 2011

United Kingdom Campaign Cup July 2011

France Millennium Cup October 2011

The Millennium Paintball Series News
19 of October, 2010
The Millennium Series would like to send our thanks to all the teams, sponsors and fans that have supported us throughout the 2010 season!

On October 1st - 3rd The Millennium Cup took place in Paris and Series Champions were crowned across 5 divisions! Congratulations to the following teams who placed in their respective divisions:

Champions Paintball League
San Diego Dynasty Impact
The US team, San Diego Dynasty Impact , were crowned winners of the 2010 Champions Paintball League following an extremely impressive season in which they won both The Fuengirola Beach Cup and The Maxs European Masters.
SK Moscow
2nd Place went to last year's champions, SK Moscow from Russia who finished the season in style by taking 1st place in Paris. The German team, Frankfurt Syndicate , took overall 3rd place, just missing out on 2nd place!
Frankfurt Syndicate

Semi Professional Paintball League
1st place honours in the Semi Pro League went to the Russian team Art Chaos Moscow who won 2 events along the way to help them secure the top spot for the 2010 season and promotion to the CPL for 2011!
Joining them in the CPL next year will be Outrage Valence from France, after narrowly missing out on promotion in 2009. 3rd Place was taken by a fellow French team, Vision PPC Grenoble .

Division 1
Five Star Lleida, from Spain, finished in the top spot following an impressive season which included two 1st places at the Fuengirola Beach Cup and The Campaign Cup.

2nd place was awarded to Marseille Taz from France. The Greek team Dogs D'Amour Thessaloniki took overall 3rd place for the division.

Division 2
A very closely contested league saw the Swedish team of DOW Warberg take the top spot by the smallest of margins from Desperados Moscow of Russia! Both teams gained top 3 places at three of the 2010 events, DOW Warberg take the title by 1 point following the final event.

3rd place is taken by EXK from France who did not finish out of the top 5 spots throughout the season.

Division 3
The first winners of this new Division 3 format are Cologne Hurricanes from Germany!

The French team, Truands, finished in 2nd place with Russian team Volgograd Flying Circus taking 3rd place after competing in just 2 events; finishing 1st in both!!
The Millennium Paintball Series News
03 of October, 2010
Series Ranking is actual now!
The Millennium Paintball Series News
03 of October, 2010
We're online with the actual temporary ranking before the finals. Division M5 results are complete already.
The PDF-schedule below is updated frequently as well.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
02 of October, 2010
This is the schedule for Sunday CPL, SPL, Division 1 and Division 2:
[ ms_schedule2010_Paris_Named.pdf ]
(Division 1 updated 03.10.2010)
The Millennium Paintball Series News
30 of September, 2010
Press release SPIRIT OF PAINT

Dear Paintball fans,

Spirit of Paint will have LIVE Coverage at the last Millennium 2010 Series event in Paris Disneyland Park!!

This year it will be really intense................

English live commentary will be aired directly from the CPL field tower. Live comments on the game, actions, events and results will be available for each match on this particular field. This live commentary will be completely interactive and online users will be able to follow matches step by step, ask questions and add comments. You will definitely be surprised by this upcoming live event! Comments with attached pictures will be posted during the game flow to compliment the experience of the match through photos. A detailed photo gallery will be available as well, shortly following each game.

SOPtv will produce a complete programme of game videos, players interviews, product presentations and announcements... The videos will be available as VOD and DVD several days following the event.

Throughout the weekend, a highly-skilled team of technicians, photographers, camera operators, commentators and sports correspondents will be covering the whole event in order to bring you the best of the Paintball world!

There is only one link you need to remember: www.paintballnews.fr

Spirit of Paint Team
The Millennium Paintball Series News
29 of September, 2010
Programme/Schedule Paris
Download it here: [ schedule-programme.doc ]

Bar & Restaurant offers for The Millennium Cup
We have arranged special offers with various venues in the Disney Village for all Millennium ID holders. Just show your official Players or Crew Pass to benefit from the deals on offer! On presentation of your Millennium pass you will receive a 15% discount on food and drink at the following:

Restaurant La Grange within Billy Bob's Saloon - All you can eat Tex-Mex buffet!

Restaurant & bar Rainforest Café

Restaurant & bar King Ludwig's Castle

The Sports Bar in the Disney Village will be the official bar for paintballers on the Friday & Saturday evenings! Both nights will see special parties put on by our event sponsors!

Don't miss out, and remember to take your official Millennium ID cards with you in the evenings to take advantage of these special offers!

The Millennium Paintball Series News
27 of September, 2010
Beep scoreboards sale in Paris

4 scoreboard sets will be available:

- 2 items of standard X-ball scoreboard set, price 3150 EUR per item;
- 2 items of small X-ball scoreboard set (without large panel), price 1870 EUR per item.

Enquire directly at Beep scoreboards tent during the Paris MS event or please contact paintball@mail.lviv.ua.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
23 of September, 2010
Turf for sale following Paris

The Millennium will have some high quality turf for sale following our upcoming Paris Event: 1st - 3rd October.

The turf is priced at EUR 3.50 per m² and available for sale by the field (1800 m²). There are only a couple of fields available so please contact us as soon as possible should you be interested.

For further enquiries please contact paula@millennium-series.com and laurent.hamet@millennium-series.com
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