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The Millennium Paintball Series News
06 of April, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: KEE Action Sports Platinum Sponsor 2010

KEE Action Sports has agreed to become a Platinum Paint sponsor of the Millennium 2010 season, as part of the continued dedication to the support and growth of paintball in Europe. KEE and its partners will be offering a full line of the #1 paintball brand in the world RPS, and the extremely popular Carnage paint line at all the 2010 events.
KEE Action Sports RPS Diablo Evil
The Millennium Paintball Series News
06 of April, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Camp Carnage to be Platinum Sponsor 2010
Camp Platinum Sponsor 2010
The Millennium Paintball Series News
03 of April, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Reading Entity will play SPL 2010.
Reading Entity
The Millennium Paintball Series News
02 of April, 2010
Fuengirola Beach Cup Registration to close on Wednesday 7th April

Please be aware that registration will close next Wednesday (18.00 CET). All entries and payments must be received by this date in order to confirm a place for your team. Very few places remain so please don't miss out on your opportunity on playing this event.

If you plan to attend the event but have not yet registered your team, please visit www.millennium-series.com/teams.php?team=register
The Millennium Paintball Series News
01 of April, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: MAXS to be Platinum Sponsor 2010.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
01 of April, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Amsterdam Sabotage playing SPL 2010.

Amsterdam Sabotage entering their third year has grown bigger during the off season, not in weight, that would have been impossible having trained harder then ever before while getting ready for the SPL 2010 season!

Amsterdam Sabotage has grown bigger by tapping into the growing players pool around us. Meeting up with so much up and coming talent a whole new second team has risen to compete in Division 1 under the colours of Amsterdam Sabotage.

Both teams will be competing in the premier European League; The Millennium Series in both the SPL and Div 1, the DPL, our Dutch league, the NPL and helping out the Dutch paintball scene getting bigger and better.

All of this could not have been made possible without the solid support of our favourite sponsors:

Paintball Direct , the best Dutch paintball store, supporting us from the start and making Amsterdam Sabotage happen in the first place.

Planet Eclipse for supplying us with the sickest markers out there; our beloved Geos which we will continue to use for 2010 with some nice surprises later on this year.

Tanked for providing us with the best and freshest looking jerseys and soft goods, making us all look like true rockstars.

Rockstar energy drinks for supplying us with enough energy to keep us rolling like we do.

Hoodlamb and Konekt apparel for making us look good off the field as well.

JE Paintball for supporting us and helping us through the winter at their great indoor field the Crazy ranch.

Go-beyond.nl for ensuring we will have all those amazing photos and videos to prove it all. So for 2010 to all the teams out there, watch out here we come! We want to wish all of you good luck and see you on the field. Interested in following our adventures check out www.amsterdam-sabotage.com
Amsterdam Sabotage
The Millennium Paintball Series News
31 of March, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Procaps to be Platinum Sponsor 2010.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
30 of March, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Angel Paintball Sports is pleased to announce its continuing support for the new Millennium Paintball Series 2010.

This is going to be a great year for Angel with new and innovative products being released throughout the season, placing APS in new market sectors for the first time.

Watch out for teams showcasing the latest gear from Angel or go to the MAXS's booth to check out the new A-CAM,ARABIS,PRO- X, clothing and the all new EYE GOGGLE SYSTEM!

Our web site www.Angelpaintballsports.com is always a great place to pick up latest news of what,s going on at HQ and purchase the hottest products before they reach the dealers shelves. Teams should contact Frazer at frazer@angelpaintballsports.com regarding ANGEL team support opportunities before the start of the new Millenium season.

We wish all of paintball a happy and successful 2010.
Angel Paintball Sports Get your news at:
Paintball 2000
The Millennium Paintball Series News
29 of March, 2010

The Millennium are pleased to announce that the CPL divisional draw for the first 2010 Millennium event in Malaga, Spain, will take place live on Spirit of Paint on Wednesday 31st March at 19:00 hrs CET.

The results will also be available on the Millennium website from Thursday 1st April!

The Millennium Paintball Series News
29 of March, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Tomahawk and Estratego International: Ten years side by side with the Millennium Series

Estratego International have been offering support to teams and the sport since the beginning of the Millennium Series with brands such as Tomahawk paintballs, Totem Air Products and Buddha Paintball.

It is with great pleasure that we are proud to announce our attendance at all of this year's events as a Platinum Paint and Product Sponsor for the 2010 Millennium Series. Should you be interested in using our super fresh Paintballs this season do not hesitate to contact your nearest Tomahawk dealer or our Special Liaison Officer for the Millennium Affairs, Carla Silva, (carla.silva@estratego.com). She will be pleased to help you discuss your Millennium sponsorship for this year. For Dealer questions please contact sales@tomahawkpaintballs.com

Tomahawk is a high quality European paintball brand and the oldest sponsor of the Millennium Series for over 10 years. With a fast growing network of dealers throughout Europe, Asia and South America, Estratego/Tomahawk enlarges its list of friends every year, founding new partnerships and business opportunities to extend our products to the global community.

Tomahawk, Totem Air and Buddha Paintball are registered trade-marks of Estratego International. Estratego International is committed to being the largest wholesale company in Europe presenting to their networks of dealers the best products in Paintball. For more information visit our website www.estratego.com
Estratego International
Estratego Box Series Paintballs Buddha Paintballs Tomahawk Paintballs Totemair
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