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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
11 of March, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: San Diego Dynasty Impact will play in the CPL in 2010!

San Diego Dynasty and Edmonton Impact have been battling it out against each other in the US in both the NPPL and the PSP as two of the few teams committed to both leagues. Both teams have also made some big pickups for the 2010 season with Impact adding Dave Bains and Ryan Moorhead and Dynasty adding Chad George and Glenn Takemoto.

For 2010, these two top teams from the states will be teaming up as San Diego Dynasty Impact for the Millennium Series and competing in the CPL. "Impact is a great team, we are both Eclipse and RPS teams, and we've played with a lot of their players over the years so this is a perfect partnership," said San Diego Dynasty Captain Alex Fraige. The Millennium Roster will include Dave Bains, Justin Cornell, Zach Yachimec, and Josh Oumet from Impact and Ryan Greenspan, Yosh Rau, Archie Montemayor, Justin Schwarz, and Alex Fraige from Dynasty.

"I think we've got a great team headed over there, and should do very well," said Impact owner Bart Yachimec. "Everyone on both sides is excited about our chances this year in the Millennium." San Diego Dynasty Impact will be shooting Eclipse Ego and Geo markers and using RPS Paint at all 4 Millennium events this year.
San Diego Dynasty Edmonton Impact
The Millennium Paintball Series News
10 of March, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Valken Sports to sponsor The Millennium European Paintball Series

Sewell NJ, March 9, 2010 - Valken is going global! Valken Sports has arrived in Europe and joined forces with The Millennium European Paintball Series as a Platinum Gun sponsor. Along with their Platinum level sponsorship package, Valken will also have their own custom field.

Valken President and CEO, Gino Postorivo said "Valken is truly becoming a global paintball force and we look forward to meeting our European customers, establishing new partnerships and making Valken products available in the European marketplace". "I, along with members of the U.S. Valken team, will be in attendance at each of the Millennium Series events and we are very happy to become a partner with the Millennium Series", added Postorivo.

Valken is seeking 1 major distributor in each respective European marketplace to solidify a foundation for their ever-expanding distribution network. Please send dealer requests to info@valken.com.

The 2010 Millennium European Paintball Series venues are; Malaga Spain, Bitburg Germany, London England and Paris France. Teams scheduled for competition will come from as many as 30 countries. For more information on the Millennium European Paintball Series, please visit www.millennium-series.com.

Valken Sports is the exclusive distributor for Redemption, Crusade, Fate, Exile, Go to www.valkenpaintball.com for more details.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
10 of March, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Sup'AirBall to be Platinum Sponsor 2010

Changing the game we play, Sup'AirBall introduced the first generation of inflatable paintball bunkers back in 1996. Since then, Sup'AirBall has continued to advance and refine our bunkers year after year, now offering a large selection of shapes and full range of products including the Pro Series line but also a wide range of Woodsball/Scenario bunkers. With three distribution centers around the world, Sup'AirBall is the world's leading producer of inflatable paintball fields.

Sup'AirBall is proud to be the official field of the Millennium Series, one of, if not the, greatest Paintball Tournament Series in the world.

Stop by the Sup'AirBall booth at any of this season's Millennium events to check out all of our latest products or visit us out on the web at www.supairball.com

Keep in mind that Sup'AirBall offer great deals on the used fields from the Millennium events. Save big on a field used for only three days. Each field comes with a full year manufacturer's warranty.
SupAirBall Platinum Sponsor 2010
The Millennium Paintball Series News
05 of March, 2010

After listening to all involved parties including teams and sponsors it has become very clear that the global economic conditions are affecting this industry at every level. Whereas most companies want to fully support our series, the ability to spend as in previous years has been dented. This of course directly affects teams, many of whom are suffering from reduced budgets which reflect the current environment.

In addition to these issues we also have date clashes which, as always, we do our utmost to avoid.

Based on these points we have decided for 2010 only, to reduce our series to four top class events in order to help everybody work within their budgets.

Obviously entry fees and sponsorship costs will now reflect these changes. 2010 fees will now be:

CPL: € 7000.00 + Vat (Prize fund reduced proportionally)
SPL: € 5000.00 + Vat
Div 1: € 4400.00 + Vat
Div 2: € 1000.00 + Vat per event
Div 3: € 750.00 + Vat per event
M5: € 550.00 + Vat per event

Despite the reasons behind these changes we can assure everybody that the four events will be of a premium standard with every effort made to ensure a fantastic atmosphere and value for all.

The season will now run as follows:

Fuengirola Beach Cup - Malaga, Spain - 16th to 18th April 2010

Maxs Masters - Bitburg, Germany - 21st to 23rd May 2010-03-03

Campaign Cup - London, England - 2nd to 4th July 2010

Millennium Cup - Paris, France - 1st to 3rd Oct 2010
The Millennium Paintball Series News
05 of March, 2010
The field layout for Malaga is online
Check it out clicking here!
The Millennium Paintball Series News
05 of March, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Team All Russians Moscow will play in SPL in 2010

Team All Russians Moscow is pleased to announce that the team will play in the Millennium's SPL division in 2010 season, after an astonishing season in Div 1 in 2009 (four first places in all qualifying events, 16th in the Millennium Cup) gaining promotion to the SPL.

As in 2010, the team strongly aims at continuing its sequence of victories on the Millennium fields, this time in a higher division. Our coach, Konstantin Fedorov will assist us with this ambitious goal. While completing its roster for 2010 the team has also made several transitions and invited new players, coming up with a well-balanced company, which we expect will be able to rank high in SPL. The teams target for 2010 is to gain promotion to the CPL for the 2011 season.

The team is still reviewing its 2010 arrangements with potential sponsors (sponsors still welcome!). If your company is interested please contact SHELEH1234@GMAIL.COM (please note this opportunity will be closed soon).
SPL Team 2010: All Russians Moscow
The Millennium Paintball Series News
04 of March, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Manchester Method will be playing SPL 2010

Manchester Method is proud to announce that they will be playing the SPL Division throughout the 2010 season. In this highly intensive cauldron of competitive paintball, Method have brought together some of the brightest talent in the UK. With the addition of Bobby Aviles, whose tactical and leadership abilities will be added to the line up, Method are training hard for the new season. Wearing the full Laysick and Sheath range from Kartel Prime, Method is keen to bring the new ground breaking designs by Sam Smith, to the tournament scene. Outside of the playing gear, Method will also be wearing the new casual line, offering the player a stylish and sharp look. Every team also needs the support of a leading marker. Method are excited and honoured to be in the Planet Eclipse Stable and shooting the new Laysick Ego for 2010. Reliability, performance and not least the fantastic support and backup makes this a winning combination.
Come and support the best looking paintballers in the UK at our Manchester Method Facebook page, where you even get a free sticker! Even better, come and join the Laysick family at the Millennium booth, where the cool kids are at!!
SPL Team 2010: Manchester Method
The Millennium Paintball Series News
02 of March, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: New SPL team "Boost Air Rennes" for the 2010 Season!

"BOOST'AIR RENNES is a young French team based in Rennes, France. For the upcoming Millennium season they will compete in the SPL division making their debut in Malaga, in April.

This is also the first official team that will shoot the new .50 caliber and represent G.I Milsim products through Paintball Distribution, the French distributor of GI Milsim.

The players are pretty young, ranging from 17 to 25 years old and are currently training hard at their local field, Elite paintball in Ploermel, France!

BOOST'Air Rennes would like to thank its sponsors, Paintball Distribution, G.I Milsim, Artsquad Clothing, and Elite Paintball Ploermel and present you with their new Artsquad jersey!"
SPL Team: Boost Air Rennes
The Millennium Paintball Series News
26 of February, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: MAXS European Masters venue confirmed

The Millennium Series is pleased to confirm that its second 2010 event, the Maxs European Masters, will be in Bitburg, Germany on May 21st to 23rd 2010. As always with this event, we fully expect a great party atmosphere. We have an excellent deal with the Eifelstern hotel once again, and with its bar and nightclub plus the other nearby clubs and bars, we are very sure that all participants will have a fantastic time. This event is part of Paintball history and always a players favourite.

Hotel deals and information will be available shortly. Registration for this event is now open! Please visit www.millennium-series.com for further information on registration and for venue details.
MAXS European Masters 2010
The Millennium Paintball Series News
22 of February, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Stako to be Display Sponsor 2010

The Millennium is pleased to confirm that Stako are returning as a Display sponsor for the 2010 series:

"STAKO has been involved in the design and manufacture of pressure tanks since 1967. Today more than 4 million cars are running around the globe equipped with our low-pressure Liquefied Petroleum Gas tanks. Every year we get close to half a million happy new customers in 55 countries on 5 continents.

Our adventure into Paintball originated from the passion of one of our clients. Today we are proud manufacturers of the World's lightest compressed air 1,1L cylinder. We are seriously now growing stronger in this Industry with new, revolutionary products." Arek Kubasik, Stako.
Stako Paintball
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