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Barcelona-Costa Dorada Spain | Barcelona-Costa Dorada | Mediterranean Cup | 08. - 10. April 2016
Mediterranean Cup  
08. - 10. April 2016
Millennium Series Champions Paintball League

Champions League [CPL] News:

The best 16 teams compete in the CPL, which is truly a league of National European Champions featuring the best European teams & some of the best players from all over the world. This is the pinnacle of Professional paintball where careers are earned & sometimes burnt.

At the season end the top four qualify for the Intercontinental Cup, the bottom two will be relegated to the SPL 1 Division.

The CPL plays in Race To Format [PDF]

CPL specifics:
→ One period of 15 minutes
→ Race to 5 points (R:5)
→ Switch sides after each 3 points awarded

Not only do CPL teams play to gain the Title of “Champions” but also Prize Money is paid out to 6th place. All CPL teams are leaseholders of the League and so entry to the CPL can only be gained by promotion from below or in the case where a team is prepared to sell its lease.

2015 CPL Lease Holder Fees: €8,000 + Vat for entire Season

2015 Roster Regulations: Maximum of 10 Players to be registered online 8 days before the first event


After completion of all group matches, the group winners will have their Quarter Final opponents randomly drawn from the pool of 2nd placed teams (with the exception of the team that placed second in their group round).

This draw will be held in public and televised where possible on MSTV on the saturday evening following the completion of the CPL group rounds.

Draw Champions Paintball League

Find draw history of all events 2015 here: Draw history 2015

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