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London-Gatwick United Kingdom | London-Gatwick | Campaign Cup | 30. June - 02. July 2017
Campaign Cup
30. June - 02. July 2017

Millennium Series Semiprofessional Paintball League #1

SPL (SP) News:

The SPL (SP) League is locked to 32 teams. All teams commit for the full series. The top two teams will be promoted to CPL (Pro), teams ranked 29 - 32 will be relegated to Division 1 after the season.

The SPL (SP) plays in a Timed Based Format & the WPBO 500 limited ball format.

SPL (SP) Specifics:
→ One Period of 10 Minutes
→ Mercy Rule: 4 points

All SPL (SP) Teams are leaseholders of the league and so entry to SPL (SP) can only be gained by promotion from Division 1 (or relegation from CPL (Pro)), or in the case where a team is prepared to sell its lease.

2017 SPL (SP) Lease Holder Fees: €5,200 + Vat for entire Season

Roster Regulations: Maximum of 10 players to be registered online 8 days before the first event.

Finals [20 teams]

Draw finals Semi-Pro with 20 teams in division

N.B - For Best-by-Points fourth place, common tiebreakers rules will be used.

Find draw history of all events 2017 here: Draw history 2017

Draw Campaign Cup updated!

Page content above last updated: 18 of May, 2017

Draw SP 2017 - London-Gatwick [United Kingdom] Campaign Cup:

Group A
 Expendables Feilding
 Ghost Paris
 FiveStar Lleida 2
 Vision PPC Grenoble
Group B
 Bad Boys Oss
 RMG Symphony Bratislava
 Joe Bar Pelissanne
 Dornbirn Daltons
Group C
 Lucky 15s Staffordshire
 Helsinki Cyclone
 Redball Paris
 Offenburg Comin At Ya 2
Group D
 Cologne Hurricanes
 Birmingham Disruption
 Stockholm Ignition
 Assala Libreville
Group E
 Ranger Warsaw
 GI London Retribution
 Razorback Saint Etienne
 Droogs Frankfurt
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