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1Edmonton Impact
2Toulouse Tontons
3Russian Legion Moscow
4Breakout Spa
5Manchester Firm
6Joy Division Stockholm
7Red Storm Moscow
8FiveStar Lleidamore CPL rankings...
The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Division 2 ranking 2008:
Málaga London Toulouse NürburgringParis
3354Veterans 1100122011503841100
14132easy Warsaw 2915645771100481
5315Dynamix RSA 386840767666956
11151Consilium Dei Zurich 2 48113421428
2360Powerplay 5764721054572386
10170Mallorca Madness 6713871812
2166Royal Nrage Stockholm 766
8180Amsterdam D.U.B. 861131621167601627
6305Sus Scrofa 95611009581620671
12135Gangsters Angry Fish 10516561728
4342Pintabolas 11462884822901336
2941Armageddon 1241
7271Graffiti 133610286721044291
2263Azimut Energy Aveiro 143322141716
3630Metralhas 1530
1885Elite 162723121146
9179Grin 1724932124612361241
2457Young Criminals 182114122661918
1697Hooligans-DTSL-SPb United 19187481825236
4315Magma Mater 2015
4412Lisbon Underground 2112
3333Heidelberg Rampage 2291124
14117Heaven 2363801631
513Jersey Warriors 243
Will be promoted to Division 1 in 2009
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