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Puget-sur-Argens France | Puget-sur-Argens | Mediterranean Cup | 24. - 26. March 2017
Mediterranean Cup
24. - 26. March 2017
Division 2 ranking 2008:
Málaga London Toulouse NürburgringParis
6305Sus Scrofa 95611009581620671
4342Pintabolas 11462884822901336
14117Heaven 2363801631
2360Powerplay 5764721054572386
14132easy Warsaw 2915645771100481
12135Gangsters Angry Fish 10516561728
1697Hooligans-DTSL-SPb United 19187481825236
5315Dynamix RSA 386840767666956
9179Grin 1724932124612361241
7271Graffiti 133610286721044291
3333Heidelberg Rampage 2291124
3354Veterans 1100122011503841100
8180Amsterdam D.U.B. 861131621167601627
2457Young Criminals 182114122661918
478Assassins Cracow 158
Will be promoted to Division 1 in 2009
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