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London-Basildon United Kingdom | London-Basildon | European Masters | 01. - 03. July 2016
Campaign Cup
01. - 03. July 2016


Download rules at [wpbo-rules-1-1.pdf]

** The WPBO 500 limited paint format will apply to all divisions from the 2016 season. This includes all EPBF World Cups as well as all 1on1 Championships.

Test results

WPBO Rules book 1.1 includes the WPBO 500* limited paint format explanations:

- Players are limited to two paint pods and one loader when entering the field.
- Maximum size of Loader will have a volume capacity of 1500ml.
- Paint pods will have a maximum volume Capacity of 700ml.
- Only 0.68 calibre paintballs maybe taken onto the field.
- Paintballs can only be used from Authorized Loaders and Pods, any player using paintballs from any other source (example the floor) will be eliminated.

* For 2016 only: a maximum Pod capacity of 800ml will be allowed to enable existing pods to be used this season. In 2017 this will be removed.

Millennium Series roster sizes 2016 and deadlines [ms_roster_sizes_2016.pdf]


  1. Only paint purchased on site, from one of our paint sponsors can be used during an event. This includes training on the Thursday.
  2. In CPL (Pro), SPL and Division 1, only markers manufactured by one of our Gun Sponsors can be used by players.
Test results

Page last updated: 19 of April, 2016
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