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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Arnhem DYEnamic 2 Netherlands Netherlands

Season 2017

Category: Open Division 3

Series Ranking: #52 with 30 points overall
Puget-sur-Argens:  Place 
Bitburg:  Place 
London-Gatwick:  Place 
Paris-Chantilly:  Place 22  Points 30

EPBF Ranking: #1300 with 15 points

Team logo:
Millennium Series: Division 3: Paintballteam: Arnhem DYEnamic 2

World Cup
Akkermans, Mayke [#7] MM005539
Akkermans, Bart [#13] BA005540
Henzen, Nick [#12] NH005537
Noort, Wilfred [#13] WN005071
Scheerder, Edwin [#32] ES004836
Sebastiaan Huisman, Yoeri [#17] YS005645
Top, Marcel [#36] MT005536
Treuren, Daniel [#75] DT002785
Pit Crews
Henzen, Cor CH013395
Henzen, Silvia SH014720
Scheerder, Lotte LS014640
Aethel Immenkamp, Jenni JA005541
Peter Elvis Janssen, Ben BP004660
Sybom, Tom TS013463
Treuren, Daniel DT001371
Veeneman, Niels NV013462

World Cup Tournament Matches Results
D Prelim
Arnhem DYEnamic 2
Rising Phoenix Vienna
0:1 | 0:2
D Prelim
Redball Paris 2
Arnhem DYEnamic 2
0:1 | 0:2
D Prelim
Arnhem DYEnamic 2
Ratpasse Marseille
0:1 | 0:2
D Prelim
How big is paintball
Arnhem DYEnamic 2
1:0 | 3:1
D Prelim
Ashby Onslaught
Arnhem DYEnamic 2
1:0 | 4:2
* matches end results will be updated every 5 minutes during an event.



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