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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Assala Libreville 3 Gabon Gabon

Season 2017

Category: Open Division 3

Series Ranking: #54 with 29 points overall
Puget-sur-Argens:  Place 
Bitburg:  Place 
London-Gatwick:  Place 
Paris-Chantilly:  Place 23  Points 29

EPBF Ranking: #1307 with 13 points

Team logo:
Millennium Series: Division 3: Paintballteam: Assala Libreville 3

World Cup
Bodin, Geoffrey GB014641
Foubert, Morgane MF002519
Morgann, Fenou FM010040
Thomas, Chanteloup CT014639
Verniolle, Julien JV014671
Marie, Sebastien [#46] SM004650
Pit Crews
Foubert, Eric EF008163
Foubert, Florence FF014670
Sanfilippo, Enzo ES014668

World Cup Tournament Matches Results
C Prelim
Assala Libreville 3
Ronholt Dynamite
0:1 | 0:2
C Prelim
London Thunderducks
Assala Libreville 3
1:0 | 2:0
C Prelim
Assala Libreville 3
Leakside Jokerz Aisawan Brunei
1:0 | 3:2
C Prelim
Inflame Regensburg 2
Assala Libreville 3
1:0 | 3:1
C Prelim
Saar Fanatics Lebach 2
Assala Libreville 3
1:0 | 2:1
* matches end results will be updated every 5 minutes during an event.



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