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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Cologne Hurricanes 2 Germany Germany

Season 2017

Category: Open Division 2

Series Ranking: #29 with 52 points overall
Puget-sur-Argens:  Place 
Bitburg:  Place 12  Points 52
London-Gatwick:  Place 
Paris-Chantilly:  Place 

EPBF Ranking: #241 with 459 points

Team logo:
Millennium Series: Division 2: Paintballteam: Cologne Hurricanes 2

European Masters
Henkes, Michael MH013457
Karbalai Assad, Thumay TK005284
Keller, Ralph RK013460
Melling, Tobias TM013679
Mühlberger, Sandra SM013672
Van Weidmann-Truong, Chris CV013455
Wunderlich, Martin MW013610
Pit Crews
Teschner, Mareike MT011478
Zilligen, Melanie MZ013812

European Masters Tournament Matches Results:
C Prelim
Cologne Hurricanes 2
Paderborn Revolution
1:0 | 4:0
C Prelim
Oslo Embers
Cologne Hurricanes 2
1:0 | 3:1
C Prelim
2easy Warsaw
Cologne Hurricanes 2
0:1 | 1:5
Cologne Hurricanes 2
Saar Fanatics Lebach
0:1 | 2:6



Cologne Hurricanes 2 Germany Germany

Season 2015

Category: Open Division 1

Series Ranking: #47 with 14 points overall
Puget-Sur-Argens:  Place 
Bitburg:  Place 28  Points 14
Basildon:  Place 
Paris-Chantilly:  Place 

EPBF Ranking: #183 with 518 points

Böhm, Denise1000042225
Floeren, Marcel1000043847
Holz, Fabian1000043866
Holzner, Florian1000043872
Knöfel, Nico1000037379
Lomoth, Thomas1000035642
Weber, Leif1000031366
Tournaments Matches Results:

European Masters Event Results
Group G
Cologne Predators
Cologne Hurricanes 2
1:0 | 4:1
Group G
Tamarous Nimes
Cologne Hurricanes 2
1:0 | 4:0
Group G
Lunatik Liege
Cologne Hurricanes 2
1:0 | 4:0
* matches end results will be updated every 15 minutes during an event.

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