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London-Gatwick United Kingdom | London-Gatwick | Campaign Cup | 30. June - 02. July 2017
Campaign Cup
30. June - 02. July 2017
Copenhagen Monstars Denmark Denmark

Season 2010

Category: Division 2

Series Ranking: #7 with 139 points overall
Malaga:  Place 10  Points 51
Bitburg:  Place 18  Points 12
London:  Place 18  Points 12
Paris:  Place 9  Points 64

Hansen, Christoffer1000030061
Jacobsen, Per1000030057
Jensen, René1000030098
Larsen, Jesper1000029904
Mogensen, Dan1000029885
Nissen, Michael Molver1000032095
Pedersen, Kenney1000030076
Pedersen, Kenney1000031153
Poulsen, Toke1000032003
Sørensen, Malene1000029905
Seerup, Asbjørn1000030126
Seerup, Asbjorn1000031151
Thomassen, Amanda1000031166
Wilsen, Malene1000032004

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