The Millennium SeriesMediterranean Cup | 04 - 06. April 2014 | Venue TBA:
The Millennium SeriesEuropean Masters | 16. - 18. May 2014 | Venue TBA:
The Millennium SeriesCampaign Cup | 04 - 06. July 2014 | Venue TBA:
The Millennium SeriesWorld Cup | 26. - 28. September 2014 | Venue TBA: February 2014
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2Toulouse Tontons
3Russian Legion Moscow
4Breakout Spa
5Manchester Firm
6Joy Division Stockholm
7Red Storm Moscow
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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
GI Unlimited Great Britain Great Britain

Season 2017

Category: Open Division 3

Series Ranking: #30 with 64 points overall
Puget-sur-Argens:  Place 
Bitburg:  Place 
London-Gatwick:  Place 9  Points 64
Paris-Chantilly:  Place 

EPBF Ranking: #997 with 79 points

Team logo:
No logo uploaded into manager account.

Campaign Cup
Bull, Patrick PB014260
Gillies, Matthew MG014252
Humphries, Robert RH007377
Leaver, Bryan BL005610
Taitt, Michael MT014239
Weston, Stephen SW014229
Pit Crews
Burrell, Gary GB014262
Dorrell, James JD014266
Gillies, Donna DG014253
Leaver, Krystal KL014259
Tompkins, Gary GT014261

Campaign Cup Tournament Matches Results:
D Prelim
Staffordshire and District Paintball Club
GI Unlimited
0:1 | 0:2
D Prelim
Ashby Onslaught
GI Unlimited
0:1 | 0:2
D Prelim
GI Unlimited
1:0 | 1:0
D Prelim
Connection Frankfurt
GI Unlimited
0:1 | 0:2
D Prelim
London Thunderducks
GI Unlimited
1:0 | 2:0



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