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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Herford Mohawks Germany Germany

Season 2017

Category: Open Division 3

Series Ranking: #26 with 80 points overall
Puget-sur-Argens:  Place 
Bitburg:  Place 5  Points 80
London-Gatwick:  Place 
Paris-Chantilly:  Place 

EPBF Ranking: #900 with 97 points

Team logo:
Millennium Series: Division 3: Paintballteam: Herford Mohawks

European Masters
Block, Jens [#44] JB013557
Fricke, Thorben TF011953
Schroder, Michael [#17] MS013565
Torbecke, Bastian [#95] BT013577
Von Hebel, Lars LV009338
Wiltzok, Matthäus [#88] MW013537
Pit Crews
Engel, Nicole NE013701
Wilhelmy, Anna AW013685

European Masters Tournament Matches Results:
A Prelim
Herford Mohawks
Saints Thessaloniki
1:0 | 3:1
Not Shown
Herford Mohawks
0:1 | 0:2
A Prelim
Herford Mohawks
Herford Mohawks 2
1:0 | 2:0
A Prelim
Ashby Onslaught
Herford Mohawks
0:1 | 2:3
A Prelim
Survivor Bergamo
Herford Mohawks
0:1 | 0:2
Herford Mohawks
Glory Skulls Dorsten
1:0 | 2:0
Herford Mohawks
Munich Recruits
0:1 | 1:2


Information: Data not updated to season 2017.

Herford Mohawks Germany Germany

Season 2012

Category: Division 3

Series Ranking: #35 with 70 points overall
St.Tropez-Cannes:  Place 
Bitburg:  Place 40  Points 9
London:  Place 
Paris-Disney:  Place 14  Points 61

EPBF Ranking: #823 with 28 points

Block, Frank1000012662
Düsterhues, Chris1000012652
Fricke, Thorben1000011998
Lampe, Nane1000039975
Lüngen, Nico1000039308
Radulovic, Ingo1000039338
Schröder, Michael1000020831
Thomas, Pascal1000012657
Torbecke, Bastian1000039313

Herford Mohawks Germany Germany

Season 2008

Category: Division 1

Series Ranking: #22 with 168 points overall
Málaga:  Place 30  Points 6
London:  Place 15  Points 40
Toulouse:  Place REF  Points 100
Nürburgring:  Place 27  Points 12
Paris:  Place 28  Points 10

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