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Puget-sur-Argens France | Puget-sur-Argens | Mediterranean Cup | 24. - 26. March 2017
Mediterranean Cup
24. - 26. March 2017
Meteor France France

Season 2010

Category: Division 2

Series Ranking: #13 with 93 points overall
Malaga:  Place 8  Points 61
Bitburg:  Place 20  Points 4
London:  Place 
Paris:  Place 19  Points 28

Boilne, Xavier1000033077
Grégory, POIRET1000029689
Lefebvre, Laurent1000029972
Margossian, Kevin1000033117
Mathieu, Jimenez1000031040
Pellevrault, Maxime1000031155
POIRET, Anthony1000029748
Rossignol, Cedric1000029959
Toullec, Morgan1000033078

Meteor France France

Season 2007

Category: Division M5

Series Ranking: #40 with 191 points overall
Toulouse:  Place   Points 
Nürburgring:  Place   Points 
London:  Place   Points 
Charleroi:  Place   Points 
Paris:  Place 6  Points 191

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