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Bitburg Germany | Bitburg | European Masters | 16. - 18. May 2014
European Masters  
16. - 18. May 2014
Spartans Greece Greece

Season 2008

Category: Division 3 M5

Series Ranking: #6 with 553 points overall
Málaga:  Place 10  Points 157
London:  Place 1  Points 200
Toulouse:  Place 30  Points 62
Nürburgring:  Place 33  Points 68
Paris:  Place 41  Points 66

Spartans Greece Greece

Season 2007

Category: M5

Series Ranking: #25 with 282 points overall
Toulouse:  Place   Points 
Nürburgring:  Place 32  Points 98
London:  Place 22  Points 95
Charleroi:  Place   Points 
Paris:  Place 48  Points 89

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