The Millennium SeriesMediterranean Cup | 04 - 06. April 2014 | Venue TBA:
The Millennium SeriesEuropean Masters | 16. - 18. May 2014 | Venue TBA:
The Millennium SeriesCampaign Cup | 04 - 06. July 2014 | Venue TBA:
The Millennium SeriesWorld Cup | 26. - 28. September 2014 | Venue TBA: February 2014
United Paintball FederationEuropean Paintball Federation!
1Edmonton Impact
2Toulouse Tontons
3Russian Legion Moscow
4Breakout Spa
5Manchester Firm
6Joy Division Stockholm
7Red Storm Moscow
8FiveStar Lleidamore CPL rankings...
The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Teams 2011 from Germany:

1GER Frankfurt Syndicate  CPL #5with:216 Points
2GER Ramstein Instinct  CPL #10with:140 Points
3GER Offenbach Comin At Ya  SPL #6with:255 Points
4GER Roosters Ulm  SPL #15with:152 Points
5GER Neon Factory Hamburg  Division 2 
6GER Fatality Koblenz  Division 2 
7GER Useless MG  Division 3 
8GER Ballistics Goettingen  Division 3 
9GER Maiwis Angels  Division 3 
10GER At Least Five  Division 3 
11GER Frankfurt Syndicate 2  Division 3 
12GER Spaceballs NRW  Division 3 
13GER East 17  Division 3 
14GER Glory Skulls Dorsten  Division 3 
15GER Fraggle Aces  Division 3 
16GER PCA Raptors  Division M5 
17GER Fliesen Goerres GbR  Division M5 
18GER Kood Coyoten  Division M5 
19GER Saar Fanatics  Division M5 
20GER MDPD Magdeburg  Division M5 
21GER MDPD Magdeburg 2  Division M5 

# Teams from Germany: 21
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