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Paris-Chantilly France | Paris-Chantilly | World Cup | 15. - 17. September 2017
World Cup
15. - 17. September 2017
Teams 2014 from Great Britain:

1GBR London Tigers  CPL #12  with:92 Points
2GBR London Nexus  CPL #14  with:56 Points
3GBR Birmingham Disruption  SPL1 #7  with:234 Points
4GBR Manchester Firm  SPL2 #8  with:256 Points
5GBR Lucky 15s Staffordshire  SPL2 #11  with:238 Points
6GBR London Nexus 2  SPL2 #18  with:162 Points
7GBR London Tigers 2  SPL2 #19  with:160 Points
8GBR Durham DV8  SPL2 #20  with:152 Points
9GBR London Tigers 3  Open Division 1 #13  with:150 Points
10GBR GI London Defiance  Open Division 1 #27  with:68 Points
11GBR Durham DV8 2  Open Division 1 #35  with:36 Points
12GBR Carlisle Impulse  Open Division 1 #36  with:32 Points
13GBR London Samurai Topcats  Open Division 2 #17  with:126 Points
14GBR Edinburgh Din Eidyn  Open Division 2 #20  with:108 Points
15GBR Sneaky Snorkels Tamworth  Open Division 2 #21  with:103 Points
16GBR Stoke Quest A.D.  Open Division 2 #22  with:100 Points
17GBR Belfast Escarmouche  Open Division 2 #26  with:72 Points
18GBR Mayhem Knights Essex  Open Division 2 #30  with:55 Points
19GBR Operation Sandbaggers  Open Division 2 #37  with:44 Points
20GBR London Shock Kids  Open Division 2 #38  with:44 Points
21GBR UK Masters London Allstars  Open Division 2 #42  with:35 Points
22GBR Collateral Damage London 2  Open Division 2 #43  with:34 Points
23GBR Salisbury Cardinals 2  Open Division 2 #49  with:32 Points
24GBR Ashby Onslaught  Open Division 2 #54  with:29 Points
25GBR London Samurai Rage  Open Division 2 #56  with:27 Points
26GBR Middlesbrough Lethal Bizzle  Open Division 2 #57  with:26 Points
27GBR Salisbury Cardinals 3  Open Division 2 #60  with:25 Points
28GBR London Disciples  Open Division 2 #63  with:24 Points
29GBR UK Redskins Essex  Open Division 2 #66  with:23 Points
30GBR Salisbury Cardinals  Open Division 2 #69  with:22 Points
31GBR Ipswich Unwanted  Open Division 2 #73  with:20 Points
32GBR London SMG  Open Division 2 #77  with:19 Points
33GBR London Nexus 3  Open Division 2 #79  with:18 Points
34GBR UK Masters London Allstars 2  Open Division 2 #80  with:17 Points

# Teams from Great Britain: 34
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