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Puget-sur-Argens France | Puget-sur-Argens | Mediterranean Cup | 24. - 26. March 2017
Mediterranean Cup
24. - 26. March 2017

2017 Annual ID e-pass Pricing:

Player E-pass - €55
Player E-pass (Pre Registered Online) - €50
Pit E-pass - €25

2017 Changes (after Friday, 17th):

Player management system

a) already registered: it's simple if you have already registered all your data has been transferred from us to the new system for you. All team managers and players will be receiving an email soon to log in.
For team managers: to manage team rosters you're going to use PB results; to manage usual Millennium Series special features, like training booking, teams pages details with your sponsors, booking further 2017 Millennium events: you stay with your EPBF account at epbf.paintball.biz/area-visitor/login.php?league=millennium-series . Don't need to keep two login passcodes: they are the same.

b) for teams yet to register having an MS EPBF manager account: you keep the usual procedure with login at epbf.paintball.biz/area-visitor/login.php?league=millennium-series . New is the link you find there to your PB results roster management, fully working after being confirmed by the administration.

c) for teams yet to register in an Open Division having no MS EPBF manager account: you go to epbf.paintball.biz/area-league/register.php?league=Millennium-Series , select your Millennium division you want to participate, select ---New Team--- and fill the form. You'll receive an email with passcodes to log into the teams data management section at EPBF as well as for the new roster management system at PB Results, what both will work fully functional after being confirmed by the administration.

d) for players yet to register: you just go to www.pbresultsonline.com at PB results and complete their very simple account set log in online. From there players can join team rosters of teams confirmed for the Millennium Series 2017. This will work anytime even at location!

For our locked divisions until roster lock, for sure - what in CPL and SP will be Friday 17th of March = last chance until Thursday 16th 12pm CET.

To see video guide please go to:





The Millennium Series has partnered with the PB Results tournament series in order to modernize servicing for the teams and their members. We have created a short material that will explain how to navigate through the new system.

Each registered team member has received and e-mail for their new profile in the pbresultsonline.com website. This will ensure their registration in the Millennium Series tournaments.

Log in using the authorization data you have received and go the MY PROFILE section.

After the log in, make sure that all the data is correct and that you have filled out all the necessary information and saved it.

Then you can access the MY TEAMS section.

Here you can find the team or the list of teams where you are registered as a member.

Choosing a team, you have access to the team’s information and its participants.

Here you also have the option to leave the team.

Please make sure that you are added to the team.

Moving the section Events and results you will have access to the game list and information about the team’s roster. This could be changed by the manager of the team.

Please make sure that you are included in the team’s roster that you plan on participating with in the Millennium Series tournaments.

All the changes in the team’s roster need to me accepted by the team’s manager.

This section also gives the opportunity to create a new team and become the team manager.

If you haven`t been added to your desired team, you can sent a request to be on this team. This request will be accepted or denied by the team’s manager.

The team’s manager can also find new players and sent requests to join the team. The request can be found under the MYTEAMS section. You can accept or deny this request.


In this section you can see your tournament history and new tournaments where your manager has included you as part of the team.

The tournament history gives you information about the results of the games as well as the gameplay and scores.

You can also see your recent activity and download your ID e-passes, if the option is available.

The newest feature in the Millennium series tournaments are the electronic ID e-passes and the electronic check in systems. If you are registered team roster then you have the option to receive your ID e-pass in an electronic format as a PDF file. You can download your ID e-pass and just check in!

Keep in mind!!!

1. After the log in, make sure that all the data is correct and that you have filled out all the necessary information and saved it.
2. Please make sure that you are included in the team’s roster that you plan on participating with in the Millennium Series tournaments.
3. Download your ID and go to tournament check in at organ tent!

An annual Player or Pit ID e-pass is valid for all 4 events of the 2017 season.

** ID e-passes are validated at the event. Payment upon validation **

NB - the discounted rate applies as long as you complete each player ID profile and the e-pass before you complete the team`s registration in the organization tent.

The extra charge only applies if you ask our staff to complete the players profiles for you.

Player Registration 2017 (until Friday, March 17th):

There are now 2 ways for players to register for the 2017 season and ID e-passes.

1) Players create a 2017 account: 

For Players new to the Millennium Series:

Go to: http://epbf.paintball.biz/area-visitor/register.php?league=Millennium-Series

1) From the drop down menu select the division your team has entered into and then the Team Name.
2) Complete all the personal information and upload a photo. This photo must be a passport style photo and of a good quality. No goggles, sunglasses, hats etc. If the photo is not clear enough in order to be able to recognize the individual we will be unable to pre print the ID e-pass.

For Pit Crew:

Go to: http://epbf.paintball.biz/area-visitor/register.php?league=Millennium-Series

For Players previously registered with the Millennium Series:

You are still able to access your player’s accounts from previous years using your Player ID and password. Following the end of last season all Players accounts have been reset; all teams and divisions have been removed. To register for the 2017 season simply access your account and from the drop down menus select your 2017 team and division before saving. Please ensure all details are correct and your photo is suitable.

PLEASE NOTE; Team names will only appear once their spot at the event is fully confirmed by administration.

2) Team Managers add players

As a new feature managers can now add players from within their team account.

1) From the left hand menu select “Add Players”
2) Complete personal information and click “send details”. A confirmation link will then be emailed to the given email address. Once confirmed the player will be confirmed on the online roster.
3) Alternatively you can add players using the “Player ID” option at the top of the page.

Please ensure that there are no duplicates within the account, let your team members know if you will be creating accounts for them!

Team Roster Management

Only team managers will be able to access this page. ID and password details are sent to you on receipt of an entry form.

To access page visit http://epbf.paintball.biz/area-visitor/login.php?league=millennium-series

1) Enter Player ID and Password

The next page will show the 2017 information for your team including events entered for and players registered. You will be able to see which players have registered for your team and uploaded a photo.

If the players listed are correct and photos have been uploaded then you need to confirm the selection for pre printing;

You MUST click on the “Update all players for 2017”. This confirms that you want the cards pre printed.

Summary of details;

1) Check that all your players are listed and that correct photos have been uploaded.
2) Some players may register for a team by mistake. If this happens delete this player from your roster.
3) If all correct click “Update” to confirm the cards for Pre printing

Players can sign up for ID e-passes at the event but it is cheaper and quicker for your team to pre register your players in advance of the event.

All team IDs must be created and finalised 7 days in advance of an event.

As a locked division player, please ensure that you follow the new WPBO/MS ruling regarding roster numbers:

PLAYER NUMBERS: Teams in locked divisions will be required to wear Jerseys with numbers for each player on the back and on both sides of their hopper, relating to their roster number for the team. This is required of locked division teams only but encouraged for all teams playing Millennium. This requirement is part of the harmonisation of rules and play now being developed by the WPBO and for webcast broadcasting worldwide. Details of the exact layout and size of numbering can be found at www.millennium-series.com/downloads/wpbo-rules-1-2.pdf

Your roster number needs to be included in your EPBF players account, once logged in to your account you will see an option to input this number. Your number will appear on your team roster and your ID e-pass so please ensure this is done in advance of the first event.

If you have forgotten your password please visit: epbf.paintball.biz/area-visitor/passreminder.php?playerid=

Page last updated: 22 of March, 2017
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