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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
23 of March, 2011

Virtue confirmed as Display Sponsor 2011

The Millennium Paintball Series represents the highest levels of paintball. The best players from all over Europe and the rest of the world come to Millennium to test their skill on the field of competition. To play at the top of their game, the best players demand the best gear.

Virtue Paintball, is proud to support the true athletes in paintball as they give everything they've got in training relentlessly to destroy the competition on the paintball field. The best teams and players rely on Virtue to get the ultimate in performance and reliability. At the next event, stop by Paint Xtreme and find out how you can Upgrade the Engine of your paintball gun or hopper with Virtue.

About Virtue:
Virtue Paintball believes in making products which perform better, are easier to use, and are more reliable. The top pros rely on Virtue to give them an extra edge and dominate their competition.

Virtue OLED technology: the only product in paintball that can not only make your gun perform better and more reliably, but helps you train with built-in pro-level Drill & Training modes. Upgrade the engine of your gun, upgrade your game.

Virtue Wireless Hopper Boards: Wirelessly sync your hopper with your gun for more reliable feeding performance. Optimize your hopper's battery life through increased control of the hopper with a Virtue hopper board.

Virtue Redefined technology: the original Virtue board, with upgraded software. High level performance, with a no-frills, low price.

Virtue Hopper Upgrades: Feed faster and more reliably with a Crown lid-less feeding system and upgrade the drive-arm of your Rotor with a SoftCycle to be gentler on paint and reduce jams.

Virtue Chemlabs: a new division of Virtue. Clean your goggles every time with Virtue Glint goggle cleaner and protectant to keep your lens in "like new" condition. Keep that lens looking as clear and shiny as the day you first installed it by using Virtue Glint every time.


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