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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
14 of October, 2011

The Millennium Series Champions Paintball League Winners 2011

Winners: Art Chaos Moscow
Art Chaos Moscow
Art Chaos Moscow Logo"It is easy to pick up an event win, but it is MUCH harder to win the series. It happens because you have to maintain the same competitive level throughout the whole season, but it is SO HARD when you have SO many great, talented and always improving teams from all over the world. The Millennium Series is a unique league that has given such a chance of deserving such an honour of playing side by side with such competitors as top CPL teams. So we are very happy to be not just on top but to set a new standard - to play in four out of four finals of the year and to win three of them...None of the teams in the past three years have managed to do that. Looking forward to another great season where we will all together have another chance of setting new standards for OUR sport!!!  There is a piece of Chaos in every art."

2nd Place: San Diego Dynasty
San Diego Dynasty
San Diego Dynasty Logo"We would like to thank the Millennium Series for putting on another great season of events. We really enjoy coming over to Europe because of the quality of events, the great competition, and the excellent reffing. Hopefully we will be able to come back again next year. We wouldn't be able to play paintball without the great support and gear from Empire, Planet Eclipse, Guerrilla Air, RPS, CP, DGX, and Maxs. We love coming over to Europe to play the Millennium, and appreciate all the support we get from the fans. Make sure to keep track of what we're doing by following us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/DynastyPaintball or on our website at www.DynastyPaintball.com."

3rd Place: Toulouse Tontons
Toulouse Tontons
Toulouse Tontons Logo"For our 20th season (15 in pros since 1997), we would like first to thanks spectators for their support, all the players for their dedication and Frank Mouren for his involvement in the Tonton club and paintball career. We would also like to thank our sponsors: Dye with the best marker and playing gear, Carnage for the amazing paint, Supairball, Energy Paintball, Paintball Store and Xpaint.

The Tontons Flingueurs are by far the most succesful European paintball team in history . The 2nd worldwide oldest team still playing in pro category and we will be training hard with one goal: to win the Millennium CPL for the 6th time. We look forward to next season for the 20th team anniversary."

4th Place: Marseille Icon
Marseille Icon
Marseille Icon Logo"Marseille Icom has been playing CPL for 5 years now and it is clear to everybody that this season we’ve reached a new step, winning most of our prelims games, 2 quarters and one semi final. We stepped up during the year, bringing new kids into the CPL and, one step at a time we joined ranks with the big teams with a 4th place in the Champions League.

There was a time when we were close to hell, fighting to stay among the best. We have always believed in ourselves and we gave a chance to succeed to many kids insofar as we formed them.

We draw our strength from the fact that we are a 100% French team; we are a real unit, playing for one another, training young players. And we aim at getting them to the top.

This success story wouldn’t be possible without our very loyal sponsors: Planet Eclipse, Black Eagle, Pull-In, Reball, Tanked, Sly and CCS & Laquet Ets.

Thanks to our people, to our fans, to everyone!"

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