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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
16 of July, 2012

Winners London Masters 2012 - Division 2: Aggression The Hague

Aggression The Hague

"The London Masters started off very good for the team: Celtic Paintball was interested in becoming our paint sponsor! We were still lacking sponsorship in that department, like Johan mentioned in his speeches in St. Tropez and Bitburg, so we were very pleased to become part of the Celtic tribe! So from the London Masters and on, Aggression The Hague will be shooting Celtic paintballs.

So with boxes filled with fresh and opponent hungry Banshee paintballs we set out to defend our title... It's difficult to describe the feeling when you finally realise that you've just won your second Millennium event in a row. Two wins back to back...it's crazy! When it all kicks in, you catch yourself smiling a lot, and that is what we did a lot on the way back to Holland. But seriously, we're very thrilled to have pulled it off, wanting to win and secure your top position, and actually doing just that, are two different things. To be honest we almost thought it was going to slip through our fingers at one point, and not qualify for Sunday, the competition was tough! Luckily things turned out differently and we managed to prove that we belong in that top three. And we want to stay in that top three, preferably on our current spot of course. So we'll use all the time we have until the next event in Paris, to come back even stronger. Not only because we really want this, but because the other teams will do the same no doubt, they will be ready for us...guaranteed! So make sure you're there, it's the last event and things are going to get interesting!

Ofcourse we would like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors: TAC-Paintball for helping us wherever they can, Bob Long for the G6R markers that shoot laserbeams, Celtic Paintball for supplying us with the paint that wins tournaments, RAZA for the excellent jerseys, Ninja for the best airsystem there is,dssp8ntball.com for all the support and last but not least The Cap Guy for the website.

To all the fans and supporters we would like to say once again: thank you for all the support and help! Hope to see you all at Disney, where we will fight for promotion and a spot in division 1!"

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