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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
04 of November, 2012

The Millennium Series Division 2 Winners 2012

Winners: Aggression The Hague
Aggression The Hague
“High expectations. Others had them, we had them as well. We really wanted to win the Paris event and others expected us to do so or at least to end up on the podium again. But we all know it didn't happen: in fact, we didn't even make the podium. We missed it by ONE spot, we were THAT close. But hey, you win some, you lose some... What we didn't lose, was what mattered the most: that spot at the top of the overall ranking, making us Division 2 European Champions and promoted to Division 1! We had to fight for it the whole season long and experienced some real nail biting moments, but eventually all the hard work, the training, the sacrifices and the ongoing passion for the sport really paid off. Division 1 here we come!

Of course we wouldn't have made it this far without a lot of love, help and support. We’d like to thank TAC-Paintball for helping us wherever and whenever they can, Bob Long for the G6R markers that shoot laser beams, Celtic Paintball for supplying us with the paint that gets you on the podium everytime, RAZA for the excellent jerseys, Ninja for the best air system there is and dssp8ntball.com for all the love and ongoing support. To all the fans and supporters we would like to say once again: thank you for all the support and help! Hope we count on all of you next season!

We also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Scorpions Milano and NPP Valenciennes with their 2nd and 3rd place in the overall ranking and promotion to Division 1! We are looking forward to stepping it up a notch in Division 1 next season and battling it out once again!"

2nd Place: Scorpions Milano
Scorpions Milano
"It has been a great season for Scorpions Milano!! Finally our dreams came true!! It has been a very busy and difficult year for the team with a lot of training and hard work in order to achieve good results. Nothing would have been possible though without the help and support of Maxsimus Lundqvist, on and off the field!! He made the team train hard and helped us becoming great players!! This is why we want to thank him for everything!!

We are also extremely happy the team has an on-going collaboration with Dye, which has chosen to represent us in Italy! And the best way to show them our gratitude was by winning the Italian Championship, the CPS event in Milan and last but not least the Millennium Event in Paris!! Also, from next year the Scorpions Milan will move up to the Division 1!!!

We want to thank all our friends and supporters that followed us throughout the whole year and our 'big boss' that did not let us miss anything!! All this is making us feel like a professional team, so thank you all!! Also, a big thank you goes to the Dye Family for the great DM12 Guns, the Dye gear and the amazing Paintball Dye CG!! Thank you to our main sponsor Camo Sport S.R.L. for the support! Thank you to our friends and sponsor Globe Soldiers!! See you next Year in Division 1!!!"

3rd Place: NPP Valenciennes
NPP Valenciennes
"I want to firstly thank my players for their extraordinary season. Thank you also to our partners:

MAXS for equipment, MacDev for markers, Draxxus for the paintballs and Sebtek for its support.

Thank you all!!"

4th Place: London Relentless
London Relentless

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