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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
06 of November, 2012

The Millennium Series Division 1 Winners 2012

Winners: Izmir Collision
Izmir Collision
"After a dominating season in Division 1 this year, we finally reached our goal of promotion to the SPL for the 2013 season! It’s been a great year and winning our league proves just that. Big ups to the EuroRefs, there is no doubt that the job they do gets too little credit. Also thanks to all players, vendors and organisers for making it happen. A special congratulation goes out to RMG Bratislava coming up from Div.2 with us last year and getting a 3rd overall with no reffing points. See you guys in the SPL next year!

A special thanks to our owner Kerem Barkul for giving us the opportunity to play competitive paintball at the highest possible level!

Looking forward to 2013!"

2nd Place: ML Kings Prague
ML Kings Prague
"ML Kings would like to thank MAXS, Draxxus, and MacDev for the brilliant support they provided us throughout the season.  With their help and a lot of hard work we accomplished our goals for 2012.  We look forward to seeing you in 2013 in the SPL!"

3rd Place: RMG Bratislava
RMG Bratislava
"Team RMG Bratislava would like to thank the Millennium Series for a great 2012 season. This tournament means a lot to us, because it is an event where quality games, top condition fields, professional reffing and great competition meet together. Keep doing well Millennium! We also want to thank MAXS Family, MacDev, DXS Paintball, Sly Equipment and Paintball Action Park for their support which helped us to perform at top level. In the last years we have moved from 5men through Div2 and Div1 to SPL, achieving podiums at each level. SPL is a bigger fish to fry and that’s how we like it. It’s great to know that we will meet our friends from Izmir and ML Kings again, they did a great job this year and they deserved their 1st and 2nd place overall. Last but not least we would like to thank our fans, close friends and families for being there for us when we needed it. Well let’s have a great winter season, wish you all Merry Xmas and Happy New Year:) Hit like if you love paintball http://www.facebook.com/TeamRMG"

4th Place: Gold Coast Dijon
Gold Coast Dijon
"We won our place in Division 1 last year and this year we earned our place in SPL….. it's amazing !!! Our efforts, training, patience, passion, but also fair play ended up really paying off.

We would like to warmly thank the Millennium Series team for the perfect organisation of this event.

We would also like to show a lot of affection for all of you who supported us this year. The players for the many constructive games we played together, the pits, the coaches and the trainers without whom all these contests could not happen and all our fans. To sum up, it was a real pleasure to participate in the Millennium Series events.

A special thanks to G.I Sportz, Sport Attitude, Arc Evasion, the Illico Painto Association, the B&B hotels. Thank you all for making it possible !

Provided our resources allow us to keep going, we will proudly represent our region Burgundy, our town Dijon and why not you (!?) in Division SPL next year. Sponsors and partners, we are looking forward to hearing from you ;-)"

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