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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
08 of November, 2012

The Millennium Series Semiprofessional Paintball League Winners 2012

Winners: Vision Marseille
Vision Marseille

2nd Place: Polar Bears Tarko Sale
Polar Bears Tarko Sale
"Polar Bears team was founded 4 years ago and this Millennium season became the first European tournament in Polar Bears history. We are very proud that we have reached all the goals at the best event in Europe - Millennium Series. We have won not only three 1st places over the season, we ended 2nd overall and got a lot of new friends and mates. This season was really hard for us - we met a lot of strong and famous teams in the SPL and all our matches were difficult.

We want to thank everybody, who helped us during the matches, our spectators who supported us on the tribunes, our coach- Maxim Preobrazhensky and our sponsors: MAXS and Draxxus."

3rd Place: Dogs D Amour Thessaloniki
Dogs D'Amour Thessaloniki
"Another long year has come to an end and once again we find ourselves left with bitter sweet emotions. On the one side we are happy with the memories made in this years Millennium series, Europe's most competitive paintball series. There were many strong games and exciting moments over this difficult season. However, more importantly, we are left with the bitterness of once again missing out on a promotion spot to the Champions League. This time, missing the cut by the smallest of margins, 2 series points.

The goals set this year for the team were very different from previous years. After coming from a series of wins, both in domestic and international events the bar needed to be raised. This would be done in an attempt to become the best team, not only in the Balkans, but one of the best in Eastern Europe. The team decided to boost its roster with new and talented players from Greece and Cyprus. This brand new Dogs D'Amour 2 squad fought a long season in division 2 placing 14th position over all even though the players themselves did not have much time to bond as a team. This was a hint of the positive results that are expected of this young team.

The organising and planning for the upcoming season are already taking place, a season in which Dogs D'Amour vow to take what is rightfully theirs… a spot in the CPL.

We would like to send out a massive thank you to our sponsors. Without them it would not be possible, we recognise that many of our great results come from shooting and using the best gear that is available. Planet Eclipse for sponsoring us with our Dogs D'Amour Ego11's and Geo3's. They are the most reliable markers on this planet. GI Sports for providing us with some of the most brittle and straight flying paint, period. Stako Paintball for our super light air systems, Virtue for our awesome spires, Anthrax custom jerseys and Jani Andersson for our pictures. And of course last but certainly not least, PBCY Paintball and DNA Paintball for offering that home field support."

4th Place: Offenburg Comin At Ya
Offenburg Comin At Ya
"The 2012 season has been a rough one for Comin At Ya. Losing players at the beginning of the season, and injuries during the season was a hard challenge for the team, but with the support of our sponsors, and the hard work of the team, we took the challenge, and established the team more and more. The 2nd place in London showed us that we are on a good way, but the 8th place in Paris also showed us that there is still a lot of work to do.

4th place in the overall ranking is good for this year, but the goal for 2013 is to rise up to the CPL again. We will work hard in the off season, and we are already looking forward for the Millennium Series next year. All this is only possible with the awesome help from Sven, Kiki and Matze from Dye Germany, and Denis from Paintball Kiosk."

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