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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
10 of November, 2012

The Millennium Series Champions Paintball League Winners 2012

Winners: Art Chaos Moscow
Art Chaos Moscow
"The 2012 season's objective was irrevocably set by the 2011 CPL victory: this was for the whole team like being on a one-way street whose name could not be any other than “Victory Lane”.

The result of the 2012 season is all about very hard work, about learning our lessons, and then about even harder work. It was no easy way, and this is the reason why we have banned the word "easy" from our vocabularies. Now we are already preparing for the 2013 season: the objective is set. Irrevocably!

The season's victory is a collective victory: on one hand the team - and on the other all those who did support us and who deserve our warmest thanks: the owner of the team – Sardar Sardarov, our sponsors: Arenda Avto, DLX, GI Sportz, Stako, KM Straps & HyBrid Foto."

2nd Place: San Diego Dynasty
San Diego Dynasty
"San Diego Dynasty and Edmonton Impact would like to thank the Millennium Series for a great 2012 season. While it's a long way for us to come, the awesome fans, the quality of the reffing, the overall event quality, and the quality of the other teams make it great fun for us. It's a great opportunity for us to play with our friends from Edmonton Impact instead of against them, and it's a lot of fun for both teams. We would especially like to thank Empire Paintball and Planet Eclipse giving us the necessary support to make the trip across the pond. We'd also like to thank Guerrilla Air, RPS, CP, and MAXS for their support. We really enjoy our time spent in Europe playing the Millenniums, and part of what makes it so special is the support we get from the fans and the other teams. You can always keep track of what we have going on by following us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/DynastyPaintball or on our website at www.DynastyPaintball.com."

3rd Place: Toulouse Tontons
Toulouse Tontons
"For our 20th season (15 in pros since 1997), we would like first to thanks the spectators for their support and all the players for their dedication. We would also like to thank our sponsors: Dye with the best marker and playing gear, GI Sportz for the amazing paint, Supairball, Energy Paintball, Virtue, Armotech, Project K, Paintball Store and Xpaint.

The Tontons Flingueurs are by far the most successful European paintball team in history. The 2nd worldwide oldest team still playing in pro category and we will be training hard with one goal: to win the Millennium CPL for the 6th time."

4th Place: Ramstein Instinct
Ramstein Instinct
"Since 2009 we’ve played the Champions league after we won the SPL in 2008. This year we finished 4th place overall with two podiums (Bitburg 3rd and Paris 2nd) and a lot of exciting matches against Art Chaos Moscow. We want to use this opportunity to congratulate Art Chaos for the title of the overall winner, you deserve it!

For us it's the best result ever, especially when we lost a few good players during the off-season. Even in February we were not sure if we would have enough players for the series. Due to this fact we added Archie Montemayor and Billy Bernacchia to the team. They were more then helpful for the team. We are really proud that we played strong with a bunch of young and talented players. The Millennium Series season and the German league are over. Now we go into the off season, we will practice hard, integrate new players to the team and prepare for the next season!

If we can say thank you to somebody we want to mention all the Refs! You guys did an amazing job. In the heat or in the rain you always give your best for us, the players. Thank you for this hard and ungrateful work! Thank you Archie Montemayor and Billy Bernacchia for your help through the season! You are great players, buddies and a perfect addition to the team!

Our last words are dedicated to our sponsors. Without them we were not able to play at such a high level: Stefan “Maiwi“ Maiwald, founder and owner of Ramstein Instinct, CEO of 2DIE4 Paintball. Richmond, Shawn and Steve from G.I. Sportz. Thank you for the awesome G.I. Paintballs. Ledz and Eilidh from Planet Eclipse. Our new Instinct GEO III Team edition markers work perfect. Thank you for the great guns! Tobi and his crew from TANKED. We got some great Jerseys this year, your Jerseys rock! VForce for the perfect goggles and Globesouldiers for the nice goodies. Thank you Jeroen and your crew from GoBeyond Photography, thanks for all the great pictures!

Last but not least we thank our girlfriends/wives for missing us nearly every weekend! See you all next year in the CPL again!"

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