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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
19 of February, 2013

Dutch team Bad Boys Oss join Division 1

Bad Boys Oss

"Team Bad Boys Oss is the youngest team in the Dutch paintball scene, with the youngest player being just thirteen years old and already having played Paintball for five years. The average age on the team is seventeen years old and Bad Boys Oss have been playing as a team for three years now. Team Bad Boys Oss began their journey back in 2009 as a kids team that wanted to play for fun at a rookie cup event. After several competitions and winning the tournament in Holland in 2010 as a final push we decided it was time to play at a higher level. Now we are playing the Pro-Division at the NPL in Holland and will be attending Division 1 at the Millennium Series!

Our first Millennium adventure started in 2011, when we played the first Millennium event together as team Bad Boys. The event we first attended was the London Masters, with the second one being Paris. We got through the prelims twice but were not able to win the next match. With these results we ended up placed 32nd in the first year we attended the Millennium Series.

In 2012, our best season so far, Bad Boys Oss attended the NPL pro series and three out of four Millennium events. We ended up being the undefeated winners of the NPL 2012. With a winning streak of 23 wins and still rising, Bad Boys Oss is on the biggest winning streak in Holland of all time!

The second adventure started in 2012. We planned to attend all events that year but unfortunately we had to skip the first event due to exams and graduations. Still, attending three out of four events we managed to end up 8th place overall. With the best event for us so far being Millennium Bitburg where we managed to end up in 3rd place.

We managed to get ourselves a spot in Division 1 for the 2013 season! Hoping to keep growing every single day.

What Ya Gonna Do?!"

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