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22 of March, 2013

Draw Champions Paintball League 2013

The Mediterranean Cup CPL public draw, will take place on Sunday 24th March, during the afternoon at the [CPL training session], in attendance of the CPL team captains present at the session.

For 2013 the top 4 ranked teams within the CPL will each be assigned to group A to D according to their ranking.

For Mediterranean Cup: The top 4 ranked teams from 2012 head up each group for the first event:

Group A – Art Chaos Moscow (rank 1)
Group B – Empire LA Infamous (rank 2)
Group C – Toulouse Tontons (rank 3)
Group D – Ramstein Instinct (rank 4)

Art Chaos Moscow Empire LA Infamous Toulouse Tontons Ramstein Instinct

Hat 1 – 5th to 8th ranked teams:

Breakout Spa
Frankfurt Syndicate
Marseille Icon
Outrage Valence

Breakout Spa Frankfurt Syndicate Marseille Icon Outrage Valence

Hat 2 – 9th to 12th ranked teams:

London Nexus
Paris Camp Carnage
Copenhagen Ducks
GI Houston Heat

London Nexus Paris Camp Carnage Copenhagen Ducks GI Houston Heat

Hat 3 – 13th to 16th ranked teams:

Birmingham Disruption
Edmonton Impact
Vision Marseille
Polar Bears Tarko Sale

Birmingham Disruption Edmonton Impact Vision Marseille Polar Bears Tarko Sale

1) team #2 for group A to D will be drawn,
2) team #3 for group A to D will be drawn,
3) team #4 for group A to D will be drawn.

For events 2-4, rankings following the previous tournament will be used.

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