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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
05 of December, 2013


WebCast Team 2014

Millennium TV is pleased to announce its commentary team for the 2014 season, which will ensure the best and most entertaining paintball webcast yet seen.

The team members are (from left to right);

Maurice Van Den Akker: Maurice started with the MS live crowd commentary in 2012, joining MS TV webcast from the first event in 2013. Maurice, being Dutch but living on the French Riviera, can speak four languages fluently, (French, Dutch, German & English), bringing a truly International element to the commentary.

With his languages, his knowledge of Paintball & knowing the people involved in the World Paintball scene, Maurice was an obvious choice for the 2014 MS TV webcast. 

Maurice started in paintball many years ago, visiting all major tournaments & managing teams like Nextgen and Toulouse TONTON 2. He was also very active in Euroref, reffing the for The French Championship, the Ligue National de Paintball (LNP) and the local PACA leagues for the past 5 years. Maurice started his involvement with webcasting at the Millennium Malaga event in 2009 for SOP TV as well as working on videos for his home team Toulouse TONTONS. Maurice did a great job in 2013, ensuring massive improvements in the overall webcast event by event, bringing in excellent guests with which he interacted exceptionally well.

You can follow Maurice on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/maurice.vandenakker.9?fref=ts, on Twitter @nokia6618 or by email to; maurice@millennium-series.com 

Bear Degidio: Many will already know Bear (aka Mr Worldwide), he has been involved with Paintball almost since he was born, playing his first event at 8 years and his first Pro event at 11 becoming the youngest pro player ever to play in professional 10 man events. Bear has been featured in multiple Xbox & Playstation games as well as apps & TV shows as a professional player and paintball personality. He has played professionally for many years being a double NPPL All Star and world champion. In addition Bear is CEO of one of the largest paintball park chains worldwide, Giant Sportz, with the world’s best fields like Hollywood Sports Park & the infamous SC Village. Bear lives paintball 24/7. In 2013 he featured as a guest on the MS TV webcast, providing entertaining & insightful commentary.

You can follow Bear on Instagram/Twitter @BearDegidio or by email to; bear@millennium-series.com.

Shelley Farmer: Shelley has had an incredible impact on our MSTV Webcast, since joining it as one of the main presenters for the 2013 season. She is a skilled and knowledgeable presenter and has helped to vastly improve the content of our webcasts. Shelley is a natural choice to present MSTV once again in 2014, and for 2014 we will capitalise on her knowledge and experience further. Shelley will also now be a link between us and the players to enable us to constantly review and adapt our events, to help make the Millennium Series, THE events not to be missed.

Shelley was always going to be involved in Paintball having been introduced to the sport by her Father (a player for the infamous UK Predators) and Step-Father (a Pro player for Shockwave UK and the All Americans), she began playing at the age of 8. Aged 14 she competed in her first tournament, and has now competed in a vast number of events, for teams such as Wolf UK, London Tigers AM, MK Storm and Celtic Banshees. She currently plays for London Tigers, guests for Destiny in the US and is part of Team GB. 

You can follow Shelly on Instagram @shelleyfarmer and contact her through the MS Twitter page @millenniumpball or by email to: shelley@millennium-series.com

This World Class commentary team will be working hard in 2014 as many changes are being made to the webcast, allowing the audience in the grandstands to watch it and hear the commentary between points, extra events such as the one on one Championship etc..

To further enhance the quality and professionalism of the webcast the Millennium in conjunction with Radical Entertainment will have a fully equipped broadcast van at each event.

For further information or to find out about webcast advertising possibilities please contact; paula@millennium-series.com

All Millennium 2013 events are available to watch on demand on:


MSTV WebCast Team 2014

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