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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
20 of February, 2016

Millennium Series confirms the WPBO 500 format for the 2016 season

Following the WPBO’s lead on introducing a limited paint format in 2017, The Millennium Series along with The EPBF and many other major European leagues, has decided to adopt the WPBO 500 Format for the 2016 season, in order to make tournament paintball more affordable for everybody sooner, rather than later.

In 2015 extensive testing of the format was carried out by the EPBF and a number of leagues in Europe, which received very positive feedback. Following this, teams asked the Millennium Series to adopt the format for this season. It was decided to firstly conduct an opinion poll of our Millennium customers in order to receive our customers views. The opinions obtained from over 200 teams were carefully analyzed and the result was conclusive with a vast majority of teams supporting a move to the WPBO 500 format. Even more convincing was the unexpected result from the CPL teams, of which 100% replied with 68% in favour of the change.

This is a very significant move in our sport, one which we believe will help improve the growth and health of participants and the industry alike. Players will be able to play and train more often and the skill level will rise with a greater emphasis on quality over quantity.

Players will now be able to budget more accurately with a lower cost of playing, more people will be attracted to our sport and not scared off by the high costs, existing players will be able to train more and attend more events.

Over time, this will lead to more teams forming, leading to improved business for all; manufacturers, fields and leagues.

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Several national leagues will follow the changes introduced by the WPBO. The countries which have signaled their approval in general and will announce their participation shortly are:



We expect the main leagues from France, Spain and Portugal to officially confirm shortly.

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