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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
14 of March, 2017

Our Millennium Series Sponsors 2017

We welcome Access Custom as our Display sponsor again!

Please visit them at www.access-custom.com to check the sporting clothes they produce!

Access Custom sponsor 2017

We welcome Azodin as our Display sponsor!

Please visit them at www.azodin.com for more information!

Azodin sponsor 2017

We welcome KM to be our Display sponsor!

Please visit them at kmstraps.com to see what the offer!

KM sponsor 2017

We welcome Emboscada as our Display Sponsor!

You can visit them at www.paintballemboscada.com so see more!

Emboscada sponsor 2017

We welcome Planet Eclipse as our Display sponsor this year!

"Planet Eclipse is once again proud to Sponsor the Millennium Series. Our primary goal is to provide our players with the support that they need to compete on Europe's biggest and most exciting paintball stage. The Planet Eclipse Pro Techs will be on hand so that all of our teams can focus on the thing they do best. Winning!
Planet Eclipse... We Got Your Back!"

You can visit them at planeteclipse.com

Planet Eclipse sponsor 2017

We welcome SWIFT as a Display Sponsor!

You can visit them at swiftpb.com to find what it is about!

Swift sponsor 2017

And one more to our Ultra`s company - we welcome HK Army to be the Ultra Sponsor this year!

You can visit them at hkarmy.com to see the collection.

HK Army sponsor 2017

And one more Ultra Sponsor this year - we welcome Dye to be our Ultra Sponsor!

You can visit them at www.dyepaintball.eu/en/

DYE sponsor 2017

We welcome Valken as our Display sponsor this year!

You can visit them at www.valken.com

Valken sponsor 2017

It's a time to present more Ultra sponsors for 2017! We welcome GI Sportz as our Ultra!

Please visit them at www.gisportz.com to see what they offer!

GI Sportz sponsor 2017

Laysick is our Display Sponsor in 2017!

Visit them at laysickproshop.com/collections/all to see the collections!

Laysick sponsor 2017

Paint Xtreme will be our Display sponsor this year!

You can visit them at www.paint-xtreme.com

Paint Xtreme sponsor 2017

We are glad to have the Contract Killer as the Display sponsor in 2017!

You can visit them at www.ckfightlife.com

Contract Killer sponsor 2017

Bunkerkings is our display sponsor this year as well!

Visit them at www.bunkerkings.com to see the collection!

Bunkerkings sponsor 2017

First Strike is our Display sponsor this year!

Please visit them at first-strike.com

First Strike sponsor 2017

Exalt Paintball will display their products on our events this year!

You can visit them at www.exaltpaintball.com to find more information.

Exalt sponsor 2017

We welcome MacDev as the Display sponsor this year!

You can visit them at www.macdevpaintball.com

MacDev sponsor 2017

We have also Drom as a Display sponsor in 2017!

You can visit them at drom-paintball.com

Drom Sponsor 2017

We have Virtue as the Display Sponsor this year!

You can visit them at: www.virtuepb.com

Virtue Sponsor 2017

Welcome to DLX Technology Group as the Display Sponsor!

You can visit them at www.luxepaintball.com

DLX Sponsor 2017

Welcome to Proleez as our Display Sponsor this year!

You can use the offer about upgrading your team from their webpage: proleez.fr/en

ProLeez Sponsor 2017

We welcome PROSHAR as a Premium Sponsor!

Check out www.pro-shar.com

Pro Shar Premium

Supairball is a Display Sponsor this year!

Visit them at www.supairball.com for more information

Supairball 2017 Sponsor

We welcome Anthrax as the Millennium Series Ultra Sponsor again!

Visit www.anthraxpaintball.com

Anthrax 2017 Sponsor

Field One Paintball is a Display Sponsor of the Millennium Series in 2017!

Field One Paintball is proud to announce that they will be a sponsor of the Millennium Series for the 2017 season.

“The Millennium Series has been putting on some of the best events in the world for a long time, and we’ve been coming to play them since 2001,” said Alex Fraige, Captain of San Diego Dynasty and one of the owners of Field One Paintball. “We love paintball, and want to support the Millennium Series, and any teams that want to use our products, so there was no question that we would become a sponsor.”

Ryan Greenspan of Dynasty and Field One added, "I have been supporting the Millennium Series while playing on international teams for years now, and I am proud to be able to help continue supporting the European players and their league. All of the players on Dynasty love playing in the Millennium, and most of them will be coming over this year. We are excited about our Field One markers, and look forward to showing off what they’re capable of.”

Field One Paintball purchased Bob Long Technologies in September of 2016, and is now operating under the name Field One Paintball. San Diego Dynasty will be exclusively shooting markers from Field One Paintball including the G6R and Onslaught as well as helping Field One develop new markers.

For more information on Field One Paintball, please email Sales@FieldOnePaintball.com

Field One Paintball

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