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1Edmonton Impact
2Toulouse Tontons
3Russian Legion Moscow
4Breakout Spa
5Manchester Firm
6Joy Division Stockholm
7Red Storm Moscow
8FiveStar Lleidamore CPL rankings...
The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Division 1 ranking 2007:
Toulouse Nürburgring London CharleroiParis
11741Rebirth Berlin 191261413812134REF20010143
12711Xistence 71761811917105REF20015111
20549Sucy PAC Ultimate Xtrem 375141862276REF2002736
2858Knauf 211188167517611981199
10745East Coast Irritant 41884015815821912193
13710Freestyle 2197171242087318414118
8763Instinct Gemoss 61802967111404176REF200
3853Troja 16138617661705169REF200
35162Dynasty 6162
1938Electrons 3193319111997155REF200
18610MK Storm REF2002395218181481986
17611FL Charms 327221951312991412174
9758Royal 14147161293187101347161
166422die4 FightClub NRG REF2002681161111112613124
5789Outrage 5184121487164121195174
29299Bad Element 317636342934131122643
7768Orebro Malicious 9168111532193141059149
21521Wing Wang Gang 18130REF20019931598
24470K3 23109REF200265216913018
6775Sigur 121551200REF200178411136
15680Underdogs 81725181915218761799
14686Vipers 2410510157REF20019698155
4811B4 12019162REF20020623186
22497Rock Scion Helsinki 15143REF20018992155
5178Canniballs 42302248
28324Wikings 211051511723412361
5266Headrush 461339192434
38150Frenzy Icon 403825862526
46112Mortifieurs 485344328402619325
5912Jaguar 2712
5558Stealers AM 31232852830
Will be promoted to SPL in 2008
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