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1Edmonton Impact
2Toulouse Tontons
3Russian Legion Moscow
4Breakout Spa
5Manchester Firm
6Joy Division Stockholm
7Red Storm Moscow
8FiveStar Lleidamore CPL rankings...
The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Division 1 ranking 2006:
Marseille Bitburg MadridParisLondon
4872Enemy 1200REF1917163141272191
2917Kellys 219410155219351771198
9766Instinct 31896175161082094REF200
11716Daltons 4184141352084101496164
1948DG Icon 5179120041813188REF200
10765Tontons Cadet 6173816515114REF19813115
8792Dagnir Dae 7168319013126617210136
14631Solid 816313140111443184
18562Maharadjas 9158111501213215122
5864Bullets 10152REF195119981617157
29292Hellwood 11147334018105
20518Rhein Affair 1214219110REF2002566
3906Chilli Peppers 13137219551751199REF200
15610Allstars 141312390101441611611129
13657Comin at Ya 15126916011138REF12514108
33260Hypnotize 1612122952944
19536Squall 17116518081572283
21471Spirit 1811012145227228491695
17593Birmingham Phoenix 1910515130REF20023771881
22466Agneaux 20100181152553121382160
31282Campaign Jaguars 21941712028352533
7804Blackout 22894185318771664177
24445Pac Ultimate 23842865REF18517111
30290Camp Carnage 24792580264730382346
16604South Coast Stealers 257324851412041839143
36169Trolls 266829292472
23447Ugly Ducklings 2763161251896266115102
38132Conxion 2858381531332626
37162Paintoon 295240521783227
26370St. Pauli Reckless 304737202460REF1902253
4097Vision Premium 31422755
4537Just Manchester 3237
4186Inquisition 34262960
39110Triple0X 3521315033533222812
4621Taz 37103211
4450Battlefreakz 3853245
Promoted to CPL in 2007
Relegated to Division 1 in 2007
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