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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Saar Fanatics Germany Germany

Season 2014

Category: Open Division 2

Series Ranking: #6 with 248 points overall
Puget-Sur-Argens:  Place 11  Points 56
Bitburg:  Place 7  Points 72
London-Basildon:  Place 12  Points 52
Paris-Chantilly:  Place 8  Points 68

EPBF Ranking: #287 with 300 points

Becker, Steffen1000039572
Breininger, Johnny1000035390
Crowder, Stuart1000041523
Gessner , Bastian1000037022
Hess, Manuel1000037200
Howe, Shane1000042311
Podesta, Ryan1000007260
Pusse, Andreas1000035620
Schanko, Roman1000035684
Schneeweis, Christian1000035660
Schreiner, Daniel1000040779
Schwandner, Daniel1000035385
Stieber, Jan 1000040460
Westenweller, Steffen1000040776

Saar Fanatics Germany Germany

Season 2011

Category: Division M5

Series Ranking: #5 with 114 points overall
Paris-Longchamp:  Place 
Bitburg:  Place 5
London:  Place 
Paris-Disney:  Place 

EPBF Ranking: #562 with 20 points

Breininger, Johnny1000035390
Grün, Benjamin1000035388
Grün, Tobias1000035389
Greb, Maurits1000022384
Pusse, Andreas1000035620
Schnur, Markus1000035386
Schwandner, Daniel1000035385
Schwarz, Lukas1000022590

Saar Fanatics Germany Germany

Season 2010

Category: Division M5

Malaga:  Place 
Bitburg:  Place 11
London:  Place 
Paris:  Place 

Breininger, John-Peter1000032108
Grün, Benjamin1000032120
Greb, Maurits1000032109
Gross, Oliver1000032122
Jung, Manuel1000032111
Pusse, Andreas1000032113
Schanko, Roman1000032112
Schnur, Markus1000032110
Schwarz, Lukas1000032121

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